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Modern companies – and even not so modern ones – must be up to date on cybersecurity issues. In this digital age in which everything is interconnected, the protection of the data of the organization, employees and customers or users must be studied with strict seriousness and care. This is why VPNs are starting to gain more and more popularity.

In recent years we have seen how small companies, such as a hardware store, for example, can be victims of data hijacking by an amateur hacker, and how even large technology organizations – such as Yahoo, Microsoft or Facebook – can be targets of massive attacks. It seems that no one can be 100% protected anymore. But, vulnerabilities can be reduced by a high percentage by taking precautions.

One of the solutions that many companies have found to encrypt browsing data is to contract Virtual Private Network (VPN) services. Before we jump into analyzing VPN reviews, it’s first important to understand how they can help, in which cases they are helpful, and in what ways companies can take advantage of VPNs.

To convert the network into a private and secure space

You could say that VPNs act as secret agents that direct our navigation through an encrypted tunnel. In this channel, external observers cannot easily see or access the company network and, thus, it can protect your information. The company can even use public Wi-Fi and turn it into a “private service” that allows its employees to navigate with ease.

This is particularly useful when the company shares the Internet connection network with other organizations, as is often the case in coworking spaces or in office buildings that include a high-speed Internet service. We will also see other advantages in the following points.

To guarantee the protection of data of the organization and customers

The simple fact of managing emails from customers already implies a responsibility for the organization. In fact, according to the General Data Protection Regulation, allowing comments on a WordPress blog means assuming a duty as an administrator and it is necessary to issue a legal transparency statement regarding the use of data.

All companies must have a data protection strategy, both for their employees and the organization’s private information and for their customers. Using a VPN can be part of the security system, and even transmit tranquility to users. Communicating some of the tactics used to safeguard information will make your brand followers feel protected and more loyal.

To connect employees and offices with a site-to-site VPN

There are many types of VPN, but one of the most used by companies is the site-to-site VPN. This service allows employees with laptops to connect from anywhere in the world to a specific virtual private network that the company uses, as if they were sitting at their office desks. The VPN acts as an intranet that securely connects employees and different branches of the company.

It is quite practical for organizations that have offices in different locations. It is also a strategy to avoid geolocation blocks, for suspicious activities – it usually happens when you log in from another country – and it also allows you to solve user problems from your specific location.

To promote remote work and provide more flexibility to your employees

Having a VPN like the site-to-site one discussed in the previous point, allows companies and their employees more flexibility. Even some experts say it can improve productivity and satisfy both parties. For example, if an employee needs to receive a technician at home to repair an appliance, but does not want to miss their workday, they can work from home and connect securely to the private virtual network.

In addition, more and more companies understand the needs of their employees and allow them to work remotely and even travel smoothly with a secure connection. Having a good VPN service allows the different members of the work team to participate in international conferences and external meetings with greater security, as well as to share and receive private information under the protection of the encrypted connection.


There are many ways that VPNs can benefit businesses. Already databases, systems management and information storage are usually managed in a virtual way and this implies taking necessary security measures. Hiring a VPN service becomes increasingly necessary for modern companies that adopt technologies and new trends in working modalities.

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