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Ideally you want to capture those first thoughts, feelings and reactions. Traditional feedback methods only capture an attendee’s opinion once the event is over and the moment has gone.

What you are seeking is real-time feedback and not reflective reasoning. Here are some smart ways to get that feedback:

Interactive Polls

This method is growing in popularity, particularly for conferences. It is achieved through the use of engagement applications like speaker presentation apps and questionnaires embedded into event apps. The use of interactive screens dotted about your venue are also a useful tool for getting instant feedback during your event. These are especially good for recording special moments in your event. Don’t ask too many questions if you’re seeking an almost gut emotional response. You don’t want to distract attendees for too long, so you’ll also need to pick your moments to ask well. Using break times or special 10-minute slots set aside for incentivising attendee feedback are good strategies for maximising your feedback samples.

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Post Cards

Post cards can be employed in very creative ways. Post cards can be handed out with the company logo printed on the front and on the back, a further logo, short marketing message and a question. A question like ‘What 3 things did you learn today?’

This is a great question for finding out what each attendee valued about the contents of the event. Once you gather in the cards, cross-reference the answers to your event objectives and see how closely they tally. This will give you a solid idea of how successful your event content really was. For help with making your event a success, contact an Events Agency Dublin like


People use emojis every day, so they are well-known, easy to interpret and familiar. They make it easy for people to express how they are feeling in a quick and easy way. Everyone loves Emojis and they can really express the way people feel. Create some oversized emoji graphics and put them up on the walls at all exit points. Small stickers can be handed out with quick instructions for each attendee to place a sticker on the emoji they feel best describes their experience. It’s not a hugely scientific process but will provide useful instant feedback of how people felt as soon as the event finished.

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Attendee name badges

Another simple and effective way to gather instant feedback is to collect attendee name badges in different bins as they leave. Ask a simple question before they leave and have several bins set up for each answer at the exit points. As attendees leave, they can drop their badges into the corresponding bin to express how they feel about your event at that moment. Hopefully the positive bin will be full!


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