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If you find yourself feeling unhappy and unloved in your marriage, you may wonder what to do. Should you stay and hope things get better? Are you headed for divorce? You may not like either of those options. The good news is, you have choices.


Many people who are unhappy in their marriages seek counseling, or couples therapy. Marriage and family therapists are trained to help couples communicate better, rebuild trust and strengthen the marriage relationship. Counseling can be successful if you and your spouse desire to stay together and are willing to change unconstructive behaviors. If you and your spouse attend counseling but still wish to part ways, your therapist can help you navigate the breakup with less animosity and fewer conflicts.


If you and your spouse wish to live apart, either temporarily or permanently, you may want to try a separation agreement Tampa. A legal separation is similar to a divorce in that you form an agreement regarding custody, property division and financial support. However, your marriage is not dissolved, so you may still be covered by your spouse’s health benefits and be taxed as a married couple. Separation can be a good idea for couples who hope to reconcile but need time away from each other.

Alternative Marriage

If you are unable to find happiness in a traditional marriage but do not want to live apart from your spouse, an alternative marriage may be the answer. In a parenting marriage, you retain the convenience of sharing parenting duties and you enjoy the financial advantages of maintaining only one household. You may even continue family activities such as eating dinner together. However, you are free from other marital expectations and do not share a bedroom.

Another alternative is the open marriage. You and your spouse continue your normal activities and roles within the marriage, including intimacy with each other. You also make room for fun, sex and romance with other partners on the side. Naturally, this only works when both partners are fully on board, and the boundaries must be established ahead of time.

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