15 profitable small business ideas-That is possible for small capitalization

15 categories profitable small business for low capitalization

Most of the youth of this country can not start a profitable small business because the capital is low. Many people will say that these young people will need a lot of money to do business. Thus, thousands of entrepreneurs are moving away from their wishes. It does not take much capital to start a business. There are many businesses that can be started with very low capital. The characteristics of these businesses are that all entrepreneurs in a general level can do this.

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Let’s talk about these 15 profitable small businesses

Grocery Store:

15 profitable small business ideas

The grocery store is one of profitable small business. There is no shortage of your capital. So you can give a grocery store. There is a great advantage of this business that does not require extra intelligence. Where the store is less but the place will be preferred.

Stationery / libraries:

The demand for books and pens is increasing rapidly. With the progress of the country, office courts, business, and related departments are increasing. Registrars, pencils, pen, files, etc. are needed in these institutions. These necessary books, pen, pencils, scale etc. are available in the station.

Fabric sewing work:

15 profitable small business ideas

Tailoring is one kind of profitable small business. In order to keep pace with the modern era, amateur men and women are interested in wearing different designs. So in addition to buying clothes, they have made girls from the tailor’s own design according to their own desire and design. Due to this, the demand for cloth sails or tailors is always there.

Mobile phone shop:

Nowadays, almost all people of the country are using mobile phones. Mobile phone business is currently very profitable small business. First, open a store with small mobile phones in small areas. Gradually keep up the store. Then sell the phone accessories.

Beauty Salon:

15 profitable small business ideas

This is the best and easy profitable small business for girls. After just 2-3 months of a Bachelor’s course, you can open a salon. I do not think there is a need to say anything about the future of the parlor business.


Another way to reduce fixed costs (for example by renting smaller spaces) and increase customer traffic is through self-service. This is a way to double the movement of customers to your business, being that those who do not want to enter or do not have time (in a hurry), want the service in your car quickly and efficiently.

This service is famous in businesses like McDonald’s, however, it can be applicable to any business turn, where the customer is in a hurry or wanted to buy fast. For example, a new business is selling what you need for a party (beer, potatoes, soft drinks, etc.).

Import Media:

15 profitable small business ideas

Many people are interested in importing products. However, there is little knowledge of how to do it, how much to pay, what provider to go to, what the steps are, etc.

A business idea for specialists in foreign trade is to provide training, advice or brokering service, for small importers. This is a profitable business because it is a business with no variable costs and high-profit margins.

Specialized Services:

One of the theories of Administration indicates that there is a tendency in the work, to the specialization in a specific branch, on the part of the professionals.

Although it reduces the number of interested customers (generics), it increases the earning potential against specific customers, who are looking for that specific service, to become profitable businesses.

For example, lawyers focused on divorces (exclusively), tax accountants, medical specialists in a branch, foreign trade advisers with China, etc.

General Store:

The General Store is an easy profitable small business. Keep these daily necessities like soap, shampoo, beauty cosmetics, pen, booklet etc. in these stores. Women in this business can also work with women.


15 profitable small business ideas

Nowadays, everybody wants to hold health. For this reason, many go to the gym. You can take this as an opportunity. Take a business out of a good place. If demand increases, open branches at different places if earnings increase.

Repair of computers, laptops:

If you can repair computers, laptops but it will be a good profitable small business for you. If you can not, then you have to take training. Training can also be done officially. Only 3-6 months of training can open the computer repair business.

Home canteen:

15 profitable small business ideas

Where the population is more than the work there. There are more offices or organizations. Many people can not go out of the office to eat lunch at work pressure. So you can open the home canteen to provide food for different offices. That’s why cooked in the kitchen. Then it will reach the office according to order.

Mobile Advertising:

15 profitable small business ideas

We know the traditional advertising, through spectacular, billboards, poles, etc. A new trend is mobile advertising, that is, a product is promoted in a vehicle that circulates in an area of the city.

It requires high investment and request for special permits, however, offers to be a pioneer in your city, and therefore create a mini-monopoly of a specific service.

Clothing Shop:

15 profitable small business ideas

The fashion industry is indeed one of the most prosperous and profitable industries in the world. In fact, a Clothing Business will always see sales thanks to the constant change in trends.

Another reason why the fashion industry proves to be a good business is the Little Investment and economic time that requires. Also, it is not necessary to be an expert in fashion design, since there is the option to Import Clothing from China and sells it twice or even triple.

Chicken Business:

You can start a business by purchasing broiler chicken, eggs, etc. from the farm. This business can be started only by investing $1000.


Hope this article will help you determine the profitable small business of your small capital. You can start any of the above 15 types of business today. So do not delay anymore, open your new path today. I wish you all the best.

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