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If among your interests of entrepreneurship is to set up a private employment agency for the selection of employees, here are some points to keep in mind that could interest you as it is increasingly common for companies to go to the services of a consultancy that performs the process of citing, recruiting and choosing the most qualified people for a certain position, when they need to fill a job vacancy.

What is the dynamics of a private employment agency

In general, the employment agencies are not employers as such but they provide an intermediation service in which they provide temporary employees to companies or third parties, carrying out selection processes in which they verify that the data provided by the person interested in the position be true, as well as the technical, psychological and medical tests of the case, as long as they are contemplated by law.

private employment agency

Although it is not a common practice, companies can suggest or modify some aspect of the hiring process, so it is important to investigate what they are, according to the legislature of your country.

Also, keep in mind that the confidentiality of data and information provided during the selection process is of vital importance, so it is important that you take appropriate preventive measures to manage it.

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What are the activities that are carried out in a private employment agency

  • Capture customers, making the proper monitoring and loyalty of the same
  • Convene, select and track candidates for vacancies offered by clients
  • Interview candidates
  • Proceed to the hiring of the staff, once it has been chosen
  • Responsible for complying with the process of affiliation and payments of Social Security and Prestacional

What aspects should I take into account when setting up a private employment agency

Investigate :

Generally, this type of employment agencies or consultor companies must have licenses or permits for their operation. Find out which is the government entity that makes this type of authorizations and the requirements required by law.

Identify :

Beginning, you can focus specifically on a particular type of area or industry.

Define :

What services you will manage, for this it is useful to analyze other recruitment agencies. So that you understand their structure, advantages, and disadvantages, as well as an idea of how saturated the market, maybe and with this information identify which approach you are going to give to your private employment agency.

private employment agency

Costea :

It is important that you establish a budget for the operation of your private employment agency in which you include expenses such as rent, public services, salaries of the staff you have contracted, advertising, taxes, and incidentals.

Apply :

You are probably familiar with the different recruiting strategies for personnel. Keep them in mind, because they will also be useful to guide the staff you have in charge

Innova :

It is ideal that your employment agency has a presence on the internet. This, in addition to serving as a means to let you know, can be a way to facilitate certain processes of the employment agency that can be automated, such as the generation of certificates and others.

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