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Workers compensation is designed to benefit both employees and the employer in the case of an illness or accident. Since accidents do happen on the job, especially in high-risk environments, it is important to see if your employer has workers compensation insurance. If they do, look into your benefits and what they can do for you. Getting injured at work shouldn’t mean losing out on future financial stability and uncertainty in your career.

Medical Treatment

Workers compensation covers all medical costs related to a work injury. An employee should not have to worry about paying the steep bills associated with medical exams, tests and physical therapy. If you run into problems filing your insurance claim, you can always contact a lawyer for help. Start by searching online for one in your state like Iowa workers compensation attorney.

Lost Wages

When an employee is injured, there is a good chance they will be out of work for a while. That employee could lose out on hundreds of hours of wages. Fortunately, workers comp takes this into consideration and pays the employee for a certain amount of time while they are out of commission.

Funeral Costs

In the case of a death on the job, workers comp also covers funeral costs. Funerals can be incredibly expensive and take a drastic toll on those left behind. Having these costs covered eliminates some of the burden that comes with the loss.


Some injuries result in more permanent disabilities. When this happens, there is no time limit for an employee collecting compensation. Instead, insurance covers permeant disabilities by handling costs and other problems that arise because of it. The employer may also help to move the employee into another position at work.

Injuries happen, but that doesn’t mean your finances need to suffer because of it. Ask your employer about their workers compensation policies to make sure you are covered.

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