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10 ideas for profitable innovative business in 2018

If you want to set up an profitable innovative business in 2018, We bring you a handful of ideas to start and launch your own project based on the sectors and trends with more projection of the industry today.

If you are looking for innovative businesses to invest in 2018 or want to launch your own project.  we want to help you out. After an interesting 2017 in which we have continued verifying the boom of electronic commerce, collaborative economy startups, freelance work, Artificial Intelligence or digital marketing to open a gap in the immediate future to tell you the best profitable innovative business ideas for 2018.

Business that you can mount with 100 Dollars of investment (or less)

Depending on the budget you have, the size of your project or the market niche you are targeting. You can bet on one type of business or another, since especially thanks to the rise of technology, the range of options are immense. Nowadays, you can start from home, promote a business with very little money or direct it to the online environment. Be that as it may, we tell you what you can do in 2018 to succeed with your own project.

Here we list 10 profitable innovative business ideas

  • Small Data
  • Vegetarian and vegan food
  • Online training
  • Real estate crowdfunding
  • Ecological clothing
  • Services for the elderly
  • Organic cosmetics
  • Products and services for pets
  • Homemade food at home
  • Bots focused on customer service

10 innovative businesses that you can launch in 2018

1. Small Data:

profitable innovative businessA few months ago we already illustrated about this concept . If the Big Data refers to large amounts of data harvested by machines, the Small Data refers to a paused analysis around small data extracted from specific people,   something very useful for companies. The recipe has already allowed to save from bankruptcy to large companies such as Lego, which in 2002 decided to make their smaller pieces. Experts in Small Data campaigns will be increasingly required by companies to improve decision making and satisfy their customer segments, and its importance will increase with the penetration of the Internet of Things.

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2. Vegetarian and vegan food:

In a society increasingly aware of the rights of animals, ethics, commitment and environmental sustainability, the population that follows a vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian diet does not stop growing. Highlighting some data, the report ‘The Green Revolution’, prepared by the innovation consultant Lantern, indicates that it is a market that moves globally 4,000 million dollars and has an estimated annual growth of 6%. The 7.8% of the population residing in US over 18 is veggie, the largest group being the flexitarians, which constitute 6.3% – almost two and a half million Spaniards. That’s why this may be a good idea for an profitable innovative business in 2018 .

3. Online training:

profitable innovative businessMore and more people are encouraged to perform a MOOC or specific training through the Internet to improve their CV, enrich their professional profile, develop in-depth hobbies or win competitions. Dare to give professional training in a subject that you master, from an original or creative perspective or in a market niche, that is not so exploited can be a small business that reports income and satisfaction. For example, while there are already many courses to learn English online, today you can be in training to invest in Bitcoin , manage and understand block chains, start in machine learning or master graphic design or web programming.

4. Real estate crowdfunding:

This type of way to invest has experienced a special boom since 2016. It is a new way of investing in real estate without having to make a large economic investment since the key lies in the purchase of premises or Housing is done jointly with other investors. Thus, real estate crowdfunding is a collective investment platform that combines profitability through rent with the future possibility of obtaining profits by selling the property. The possible risk will depend on the type of project since renting is more stable and selling, riskier in general lines of investment. For this, there are platforms such as Privalore or Inverell.

5. Ecological clothing:

profitable innovative businessAs we included in this article , 100% sustainable businesses of all kinds are in vogue and one of them is ecological clothing, demanded by a segment of the population increasingly aware, concerned about the planet, the production unsustainable mass and working conditions of textile production in other countries – this is not the first time that sector giants like Inditex are accused of child exploitation. Therefore, more and more brands are betting on organically produced organic fabrics or recycled materials. Examples of success in which you can be inspired are brands such as Ternua, Ecoalf, Recycled Firefighter, Vaute Couture or Up Fuse.

6. Services for the elderly:

Older people are an important market niche to develop all types of businesses , from mobile applications to technological gadgets, games or leisure alternatives, as well as services such as home assistance or private residences. Life expectancy has increased, being in Spain 78.66 years for men and 84, 83 for women. According to the study Residences for the Elderly, conducted by the DBK observatory. The turnover of private residences has increased by 2.4% in the last year, reaching 4,200 million dollars during the 2016 period. The trend is clearly bullish and it implies numerous business alternatives.

7. Organic cosmetics:

profitable innovative businessMore and more people are refusing to buy cosmetic products whose laboratories advocate experimentation with animals or that are harmful to the planet. For this reason, an excellent investment may be that of natural and organic cosmetics, made from natural products and which rejects animal experimentation. The so-called Slow movement has made its way into the cosmetic industry, based on pillars such as sustainability, social responsibility and active ingredients with organic credentials, aimed at so-called bio consumers. Have you taken note?

8. Products and services for pets:

The development of a physical store of products and services for pets has been one of the most successful and profitable innovative business of this 2017. That is coming to an end and the expectations are that it will continue to be throughout 2018. Within the niche market for pets, there are numerous types of products and services, from traditional healthcare or food to accessories, hairdressing, services such as spas, leisure alternatives, daycare, pet holidays or mobile applications.

9. Homemade food at home:

profitable innovative businessprepared food has been leading profitable innovative business ideas for several years, with proposals ranging from vacuum packaging, personalization, fast delivery or menus for the whole week. The distance from home to work, schedules and travel or the few possibilities of reconciliation lead many people and families to resort to this type of initiative, especially in large cities, where already operate giants such as Uber and Ubereats service. The niche market is very broad and still little saturated, facilitating the arrival of new suppliers. And also new delivery companies responsible for the logistics option, the coveted last mile.

10. Bots focused on customer service :

We have already pointed out on many occasions that bots are the future of customer service. The brands are increasingly betting on the use of conversational virtual assistants able to improve the user experience. And provide excellent customer service thanks to machine learning, by which they learn more and more as conversations take place. The challenge for the businesses that develop them is to perfect them until they are more complete and sophisticated. In addition to integrating them into other instant messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

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