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In this article, we prepare for some smart business ideas to add your future business plan. It is difficult to predict the future, especially when we spend our days trying to understand what is happening in the economy today. But predicting the future is what entrepreneurs need if we want to achieve success or if we are thinking of investing in new knowledge and skills. So we’re going to throw ourselves into the pool with 10 businesses that will sweep in 2020.

Currently, changes in business are much faster than ever, due to globalization and digital technology. One of the best ways to ensure that a business will succeed in the future is to flee from those who are in decline. For example, industries whose work is cheaper in other countries such as assembly lines. And betting on technologies that are replacing manual works.

In fact, we are already seeing trends. Numerous studies talk about the jobs most in demand and the difficulties that companies have in hiring specialized profiles in engineering, information technology or biotechnology.

10 smart business that will wipe out in 2020

1. Big data

smart business ideas

The age of data analysis has only just begun. There is a huge number of companies that are willing to take advantage of new databases to get more information about their customers, their competitors and even about themselves. The challenge is not just to store the numbers. The difficult thing is to give them a sense and get useful ideas that can be monetized. Marketing and market research are two growing fields in data analysis.

2. Counseling and therapy

Currently, there is widespread recognition that mental health is as important as physical health, something that will rapidly increase demand in this sector.

3. 3D printing store

smart business ideas

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis type of profitable business will be the manufacture of articles with low-cost 3D printers. Today they are already devastating, but their cost is not available to everyone. Open stores where anyone can order an item made with a 3D printer will be a guaranteed success. It is the future. Instead of carrying out a long manufacturing process, more logistics and transport, 3D printers are expected to produce everything.

4. Computer engineering

The demand for software and computer applications grows every day. In the field of finance and investment, for example, a faster infrastructure is already being demanded. And most large companies will need networks that are faster, more transparent and more secure.

5. Veterinarians and pet care

smart business

Love for animals is spreading rapidly among the majority of the population. So much so that some do not hesitate to obtain medical attention for their pets that is practically the same as if it were a person. Many homes have a pet, but most of them do not have too much time to take care of them. This makes the care of pets a smart business possibly very profitable in the near future.

6. Asteroid mining

Although it looks like science fiction, the underlying idea in this smart business is to explore and exploit the space. Since Earth’s resources are running low, it will be necessary to exploit the raw materials of asteroids and other minor planets. And is that almost all the resources we have on our planet can be found in infinite quantities in space. The initial investment to enter this market will be high, but it will undoubtedly be an extremely lucrative business.

7. Scientific research

The technology will continue to generate advances in medicine, manufacturing, transportation and many other fields. This means that there will be a strong demand for companies specialized in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and engineering. Some areas already show an upward trend: biotechnology, biomedicine, nanotechnology, robotics and 3D printing.

8. Production of bottled air

smart business ideas

Lately, there is a lot of talk about air pollution. Many cities are seeing how their pollution levels increase drastically. This leads us to believe that the bottled air business can wipe out as much as the bottled water sector did in its day.

9. Vehicle charging stations

Electric cars have come with force and although they are still very expensive for the general population, it is expected that their costs will be reduced as production costs decrease. These cars will need charging stations and although they are starting to build, the truth is that they are very insufficient.

10. Mechanical workshops for robots

smart business ideas

At this moment, robots are already part of our lives. We have robot vacuum cleaners, robots that go to war and logically break down. In fact, robot mechanics is not something new. But we’re talking about something as close as a computer repair shop. The world population of robots is growing rapidly. Many are industrial robots, but home automation is also growing rapidly.

Any of these 10 smart business ideas will give you money next year; You do not have to choose only one, it is possible to combine them and have results.

If you like anyone these business ideas, you can start your own business, and you also share with your friends and family, who think something new to start an entrepreneur.

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