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10 Tips for achieving success in your venture

Achieving success is not usually an easy way, but there are people who seek to realize their idea of entrepreneurship and sacrifice many things such as time, dedication, among others because they know that their idea will work. But, not everything will be easy, because to start, you have to take risks and leave the comfort zone.

When a project is started, we want to be achieving success, despite the factors that can interrupt the process towards the goal. We know some success stories, which began as small companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, among others, which at the beginning, were only a small advance to what would become today: the best global organizations.

The true entrepreneurs have started their path to success, and to achieve this, certain have had processes, which with perseverance, confidence, determination, have continued to seek new markets and new opportunities to continue growing.

We recommend 10 tips for achieving success in your venture

1. Risk and leave your comfort zone

People are usually accustomed to amenities such as having a good salary, a good job, a stable home, etc., but few are those who dare to put at stake what they have to start working or do something that can work. These are the people who leave their ‘ comfort zone ‘ to explore and experience things that can work, and say that it was worth sacrificing their time, their dedication, among others.

achieving success in your venture

Many times, being in our ‘comfort zone’ will not make us prosper as people, it will simply make us continue in the same, without knowing how much we can get if we risk and leave that circle to try new changes. It is time to take a step towards what you truly believe is suitable for your endeavor.

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2. Be clear that the budget is not a factor

Some people believe that an important factor to start a business is having money and enough budget to start your project. These are excuses that put not to start the road to the achieving success of your venture. There are other factors that are important to start your business.

There are many entrepreneurs who have started with a small budget, and now they are doing very well. Such is the case of large companies such as Google, where Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two students from Stanford University. They created the largest search engine in the world without having enough money to finance their project.

Therefore, the person who really wants to make progress, will not make money as an excuse, since he or she wants to improve, and will know that money is not an important factor for the achieving success of your venture. Remember that you have other resources that are important to you, and that can help you in this way.

3. Believe in the idea of entrepreneurship

To achieve the success of your venture, first, you must be the one who believes your idea and convinces yourself that this will work. For this, you must have certain values such as self-confidence and self-determination that will help you to fulfill your new ideas.

achieving success

If you have a vision of what you want, now, you know that you have the capacity to carry it out, and believe that it will work, but never doubt. Remember that the first step is to take risks and leave your comfort zone.

4. Be persistent until you convince yourself

The basis of entrepreneurship is perseverance, which helps us believe that we can. If you fall, you get up as a true entrepreneur, since that is the real reason and energy that you need so that the idea of your venture starts up. Remember that every project you do needs constancy, perseverance, and not give up when you see that something is not going well.

Some people believe that you have to have many qualities to persevere. Well, sometimes, the entrepreneur can have good skills and abilities, as for numbers, and with it, can be who manages and see the accounts of their own business, and be persistent, to convince that your business idea will work. Remember that the greatest inventions in history have been created from failed attempts, but it does not mean that you should abandon what you started.

5. You have to be aware of your weaknesses

When you start a project or the idea of your venture, you want to be the ‘todista’ of the organization or the project, that is, you want to perform all the functions to reduce costs. For example, if you have an advertising agency, you want to be the designer, the creative copywriter, the web developer, among others, but on the way, you realize that you do not have the skills to design or write and that doing so takes too much time.

From that point, you are admitting that you have weaknesses to perform certain functions, that other people could exercise it for you within your organization. For this reason, recognizing these shortcomings will help you to know what things you are not good at, and you should plan to solve them as soon as possible.

6. Accept when a product fails

On the road to your endeavor, there may be a success as a failure. When a product is created for a particular group, which has been given time, dedication and money, and this fails, it can be disappointing. But, this process is a roulette of probabilities where we will see if this works or not. This has only been an error trial, which teaches us what things your target audience prefers, and what things you should keep in mind to avoid doing it again.

achieving success in your venture

Remember that it is the product that failed, not the brand. Sometimes, people believe that when a product failed, the company also loses and believes that it should abandon the idea that started. Therefore, you must accept that only the product failed, and not your brand. There are thousands of possibilities you can do to innovate with new products to your specific audience.

7. You must learn to compensate how you would like them to compensate

The best resource that Branding has is the work team. Motivation is one of the factors that motivate you to do what you want. Therefore, you must first learn to have that motivation to transmit to your staff, because if they do not have it, the most likely thing is that as head of your venture, you feel full of emotions of others, and damage the welfare of what you have built

Remember that people are human beings full of emotions, and motivation would help us to make the organization go well and that your workers also motivate their clients, and so the chain can continue. The most important thing is motivation more than money.

8. Do not settle for your achievements

Many organizations have failed because they thought that they are already great brands and that they do not need to continue growing because they already obtained it. Achieving success of your venture is not based on being conformist, but on aspiring to more. Such is the example of Blockbuster, one of the largest DVD rental chains in the world, which failed because it thought that its success had reached its limit.

Therefore, you should think about new ideas and see what you can do to keep growing and see what is to come. For this, we must have a clear vision of what we want to do after fulfilling our achievements. We should never put limits on what we want.

9. Always look for new markets

If you think you have met the expectations of a certain group, do not close your circles, and look for new markets. To do this, you can use the blue ocean strategy, which determines that you must search and open new markets where the competition has not yet entered, and where you can continue to increase and continue to meet market demands.

achieving success

By creating new markets where you do not have competition, you can have lower costs and more profits, and continue to increase your chances of continuing to look for new markets.

10. You must understand that you are the one who opens and closes the company

It is important that you understand that as a pioneer of the idea of entrepreneurship, it is you who opens and closes the company, that is, you start the work of the day, which begins to perform most activities that will be in the day.

In addition, you must understand how this is your business idea, you are the one who closes the establishment, and who ends the day’s activities, and even, when you get home, you continue with the pending work, because it will be the key to your achieving success.


These are just some tips that will help you achieving success in your endeavor. The road to your venture begins when you risk, and leave your comfort zone. Also, remember that the budget is not a factor to start a business, now, there are several free tools, or have a creative team and passionate about what will happen, will help you meet your goals.

Believe that the idea of your endeavor will work, because it is essential that you persevere until you convince yourself that everything will turn out well. Although everything can go well, remember that you have to recognize the weaknesses to improve them. Many times, some product or service can fail, but the previous advice, where it is recommended to continue persevering until reaching success will help to restore your organization.

Never forget the team that works with you, without them, your venture would not be running. To do this, you can create certain activities that create their commitment to the organization. Remember that you should not settle for your achievements, on the contrary, look for new markets that help you to continue growing.

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