3 Tips for Controlling Algae in Your Pond

A clear, shimmering pond is an asset to any property. A murky pond with algae, on the other hand, can be a liability and an eyesore. When algae overtakes a waterbody, it can indicate more serious problems below the surface. If algae has infiltrated your pond, this discussion may help you decide how to address the problem and return your pond to its natural beauty.

1. Eradicating Existing Algae

The most effective approach to aquatic weed control is prevention, but it’s a good idea to start with eradicating any existing algae. Applying an algaecide may be the best first step, especially if you are dealing with a widespread, invasive algae problem. A pond management expert can evaluate the seriousness of your problem and recommend a targeted chemical product to eradicate the algae.

2. Providing Oxygenation

Once most of the algae is controlled, you can begin introducing permanent, systemic solutions that will prevent algae overgrowth from recurring. The most important aspect of algae prevention is fostering adequate dissolved oxygen concentrations in the aquatic ecosystem. Implementing an aeration system accomplishes this by introducing oxygen to the water, preventing algae growth and promoting overall pond health. Your local pond management expert can recommend the best type and size for your setting. Some fountain-style aerators can even provide an additional aesthetic benefit from their attractive spray patterns and ambient sounds.

3. Balancing Nutrition Levels

Proper nutrient composition is an essential component of a healthy pond. The proper balance of nitrogen and phosphorous helps prevent algae overgrowth and contributes to the overall vitality of your beautiful aquatic asset. A pond specialist can test your pond water, assess the nutritional balance and recommend a nutrient regimen, if necessary.

Proper preventive maintenance is the key to a thriving aquatic environment. If algae is allowed to overtake your pond, it may compromise the entire ecosystem and contribute to additional problems. Once the algae is eliminated, implementing a proactive maintenance plan will help preserve your property value and return your pond to its aesthetic and functional best.

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