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Without a doubt, we are in the era of knowledge and self-education. And thanks to this, you will be able to find business opportunities that will allow you to excel in your work or in an enterprise.

However, when it comes to financial intelligence, there is one point that I like to mention, which I called as an observer of business opportunities.

What does this mean? To be always alert to business opportunities. Recognize those places where you will find business ideas.

Content summary:

  1. Attend a meeting of friends and find out what they do
  2. When you talk with entrepreneurs
  3. Go for a walk in your area of work or home
  4. Go on trips to towns or cities and see the different businesses that exist
  5. Read biographies and books

Here we write rest of the article :

Where to find the best business opportunities:

1. Attend a meeting of friends and find out what they do

That way I can become a service provider or turn into a commercial of your company.

I dedicate myself to give training in financial education, so I take the opportunity to inform them about my services, and although they may not hire me at that moment, they will keep me in mind for some other time.

business opportunities

At the same time, I know about the services or products they develop, so I can recommend them to clients and vice versa.

They also recommend to their clients, sometimes, some services act as an affiliate marketing, among other ways to earn money online, as if it were a seller, and an additional income does not go wrong.

2. When you talk with entrepreneurs

This is an excellent place to find business opportunities, since you can learn the advantages that these entrepreneurs could have, such as having done such a study, online course, or having been guided by a friend.

This space will allow you to know what is the in-depth story of what motivated them, what their characteristics are as entrepreneurs, and that way you will be infected by their passion.

The main theme of this exercise is to learn how they were able to defeat the adversities and how they financed their project.

And most importantly, I like that people see, is all the time it takes a project to develop because we think that everything will go very well overnight.

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3. Go for a walk in your area of work or home

The idea of this is to go out and see the different businesses, ask yourself questions such as:

What are business opportunities missing here? What would I like to have in this area? Which cheap franchises exist or could be opened?

business opportunities

With such an easy exercise; a cousin reviewed that, in the area of his new home, there was no bakery, so he invested in a small one, and in less than six months he had to rent the place next door to expand it.

This is how business opportunities are found.

4. Go on trips to towns or cities and see the different businesses that exist

Maybe some may not have been made in your city and be one of the best business opportunities. Here I can tell you a personal story:

When I went on vacation to a city in my country, Ambato, in the central park there was a person who sold mango in strips with salt, lemon, pepper, and condensed milk.

Maybe in other countries, this business already exists, but in my city, Guayaquil did not exist. So I convinced a friend to invest in the project and now it is a business that takes place in the main shopping centers of my city.

5. Read biographies and books

I love doing this, whether they are books for entrepreneurs or celebrities of any kind.

I enjoy empathy knowing everything they achieved, the challenges, sorrows, and joys that they lived to achieve their goal in life.

business opportunities

That empathy encourages me to fulfill my personal goals, and it is something that motivates me to move forward.

Just as one must be observant and attentive to the dangers. One must be observant and attentive to the business opportunities that appear daily in our lives.

The more you grow your financial and entrepreneurial intellect, the easier you can identify business opportunities and earn money.

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