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8 Realistic ways to earn money online

It is evident that we all know that there is no magic formula to earn those astronomical amounts of money, and of course, it would not be quick and easy, since if it were, it would not be announced for everyone. I at least, if I had the secret to earn money online 3,000 dollars a week easily, I would keep it for my grandchildren.

Now, there are many ways to earn money online. It is true that some of them require patience, such as making a blog or a YouTube channel, but if what we are looking for is to earn a little money immediately and without too many complications, we must focus the ideas towards another type in ways and resort to our skills or what we are good at. Here we show 8 ideas to earn some money, where we only invest time and we can get some money (or a lot of money).

1. Earn money as a freelancer in what you are good at

earn moneyThere are numerous websites where you pay for specific tasks, from drawing designs, logos, web positioning, equipment repair, etc … One of the pages of micro-job offers or freelance jobs in online. Search in your country for these types of pages, and if there is not, then you already have an excellent business idea (create it).

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2. Earn money online with Conduit

Conduit is a platform where you can create customized applications and toolbars. Every time you download an application or install the toolbar that you have created, Conduit pays you.

3. Earn money online on eBay

earn moneyOn eBay, you can not only earn money selling your products but offering to sell the products of others and charge a small commission for it. When we talk about microenterprises, one of the cases we mentioned was that of a person who bought very cheap items in second-hand stores and then sold them on eBay. This is how Sophia Amoruso started in the textile sector. We are not going to ask you to win 250 million like her, get satisfied with 1% 🙂

4. Private classes or advice on what you are good at

Many university students have finished their studies and are unemployed without income, and even then they are not taking advantage of the Internet for it, where nowadays, especially in exam periods you can get gold by giving classes online, both private and group classes. For this, there are Google Hangouts and payments by Paypal. The price per hour individual or group you put it. Keep reading http://generationguy.com/business-online/three-ways-that-you-can-make-money-online/

5. Works less than $ 5

Earn moneyIf there is something that you know how to do and that another person would take an hour or two to do it while you do it in 10 minutes, there you have business. For example, someone who has no idea of websites and blogs and needs to install a plugins or a simple share button. For $ 5 I at least. I can not think about it. There are also people who make translations at $ 5 per sheet.

6. Write on the internet

Writing is another gateway to earn money online. Did you know that there are many pages of significant importance on the internet that are paying people only for copying articles from other pages? What does that mean? They hire people who have no idea of the subject for which they write or who are not very creative (they lack ideas). If you are good at a subject and you have a good point of view to deal with a specific topic, on the internet you can make money easily writing for the pages, be it trends, nature, life experiences … there are thousands of thematic, so you probably know how to deal with some.

7. Earn money with your car

earn money95% of the time, your car is parked. I understand that the car is very personal, but if you see just enough money to pay for the letter, today you have some pages like SocialCar where you can rent your car for hours or days. In this way, we can turn the car into an asset instead of a liability.

8. Earn money online by creating photos for image banks

There are numerous image banks where you get paid every time someone downloads or uses your photo. This way of making money is not fast since you could take time to sell your photos, but it is another way. One of the most important image banks is Gettyimages. Of course, you must know perfectly the pros and cons of doing this. In this blog, the author makes a perfect summary of his experience on how to sell your photos on GettyImages.

If there is another way to earn money online that is realistic and is not “playing” binary options, you can leave it in a comment.

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