What Are the Benefits of Using Oak Wood in Construction?

What are the benefits of using oak wood in construction? This question is asked often, especially by people who are planning to start a new building project. They want to know if this wood can be used in traditional building projects, as well as on modern day structures, such as houses and commercial buildings. This type of wood is known for its durability, which makes it a popular choice for home and business owners. An Oak Framed Garage are perfect examples of the art. Go to Timberpride to see some of the best.

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Oak wood is very durable because of its ability to withstand insects and rotting. The durability of the material does not end there because oak is also able to withstand heavy rains and even hurricanes.  Oak timber is still preferred because it looks more natural in homes or building structures. It is also incredibly tough and hard wearing.

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The good news is that what are the benefits of using oak wood in construction does not end with its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. Because oak wood has a naturally good capacity to expand, it is an excellent material for insulating a building. This means that the warm air that is trapped within will keep the cold air inside where it belongs. It is also ideal for making doors and windows frames because of its high thermal conductivity. With these qualities, you can be sure that the energy efficiency of your home will increase, making it more affordable to own.


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