Why your website needs to be monitored

Your website is the lifeline of your business in an age where digital operations are increasingly important and the world of information and knowledge online has become a booming industry. Creating a website is not enough. Your site will die if you don’t monitor, develop and adapt. Google will determine whether or not your site is successful and penalise sites with a poor experience for users. Why should we monitor our websites?


Websites that are down cause huge losses in sales. Not only do you lose revenue, but your credibility and trust with visitors is also affected. You could lose thousands of pounds if you have a site that is down for several hours per month. It is important to have a service that monitors your site’s uptime. This is where Web Designers Northern Ireland could assist you.

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Brand image is a powerful tool. It is important to protect positive branding and a good image. If your website is frequently down, not secure, contains broken links, or hasn’t had an update in a long time, your reputation and levels of trust will suffer. Visitors will leave if they cannot find the information easily or are overwhelmed by it. For help from Web Designers Northern Ireland, contact Ryco.

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Hacking can cause downtime. You will notice that your website is suffering if a hacker takes down your site and installs malicious codes. These problems should be identified and fixed as quickly as possible, with the least disruption to service. Google does not always inform site owners when a hack has occurred, so they may not be aware of it. You can fix the problem quickly if you monitor your site constantly.

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