Content marketing dominated by great design

Digital marketing is a hot topic, particularly when it comes to content marketing. The importance of good design is increasing as well, along with the growth of media such as video.

It is important to remember that the message should be ‘show not tell’. This is especially true when mobile devices are taken into consideration. Your content marketing plan should consider the visual storytelling you do – with graphics, animations and branding, images, fonts, graphic devices, colour palettes, and graphical tools. For a Graphic Design Agency Birmingham, contact Nettl, a leading Graphic Design Agency Birmingham.

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A beautiful design can have a profound impact on the user experience. Think about how social media users use filters to make their pictures more beautiful and to evoke stronger responses and greater emotions from their viewers.

Digital designers are being forced to be more innovative and creative in their work, especially with app design. For some companies, design is a key part of their brand experience. AirBnB is a great example of a company that has incredibly visual design. Dropbox is another example. It’s incredibly simple, pared-down from a design standpoint, but it has been carefully considered in terms of its visuals to make its functionality easier and instantly recognisable.

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As users increasingly rely on mobile devices, this trend of design-led interfaces is likely to continue. The overly-structured desktop navigation will soon be obsolete. Newer designs, with their rich graphic effects and visually-rich interactions, will feature a more fluid design. Scrolling sites, interactive components, fade-and-slide visuals, and even augmented realities will be among the options.

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