What is contaminated Land and how do you make it clean enough to occupy once again

To answer the question, “What is contaminated land”, we must think about what a contaminant is. Pesticides, Hydrocarbons and Heavy Metals in the soil would all be classified as Contaminants and would need to be removed from the ground before it can be occupied once again. As you can imagine, this is very specialist work that should only be carried out by fully trained professionals who have years of experience in providing Soil Remediation Services.  With all the specialist equipment needed to firstly, wash the soil, using surfactants and water to remove the contaminants, then the two very technical procedures of bioremediation and thermal desorption.

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There could be many reasons as to why land has become contaminated, but mainly man-made chemicals are responsible!  Things like petroleum hydrocarbons, lead, pesticides and other types of heavy metals. Maybe improper waste-disposal could be to blame or a leaky, underground storage tank?  Unfortunately, these are fairly common environmental issues but now at least they can be cleaned up quickly and efficiently by using elite professionals in the business of Soil Remediation.

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Bioremediation, this process is probably the most common method used to decontaminate soil, using specialist bacteria the experts can absorb the pollutants in the soil. Thermal Desorption is a carefully controlled heating process carried out in a  “Thermal Desorber” machine.  This state-of-the-art, futuristic machine heats up the contaminated soil until the bad particles are safely evaporated into non-harmful vapours.

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