Dedicating your Working Life to caring and tending to Playgrounds Gloucester

Working mainly out in the open air by dedicating your working life to caring and tending to Playgrounds Gloucester is not a career choice for everyone.  You need to love getting dirty, be happy to be outside in all types of weather throughout the year and committed to working hard.  You will need to have a good knowledge of plants, flowers and general gardening skills as well as a background in maintenance and have a genuine passion for horticulture. A dedicated, hardworking, caring and passionate individual who wants to work for a specialist gardening  team such as should expect to be looking after and caring for several green spaces in the city of Gloucester and the surrounding towns and villages.

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Maintaining the array of play equipment as well as tending to the flower beds, cutting the grassy areas and generally keeping these places safe and well maintained for the families of Gloucester to enjoy. The school children of the city are treated to a diverse range of natural, outdoor activities to enjoy from this professional team and with over twenty-five years of experience behind them they can provide a wealth of knowledge on this specialised subject.

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Teaching children how to grow plants from seeds and how to care for them with watering and good nutrients in the soil.  How to cultivate them and reap the benefits when they are fully grown by either picking and displaying the beautiful flowers or eating the fresh produce.

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