Five solar panel FAQs

If you’re considering solar panels as an investment in your home, it helps to know as much about them as possible beforehand. Here are some things to know.

1. Is solar energy worthwhile?

It’s important to calculate how much energy you use, and how much the cost of a solar installation would be, with your payback period. Qualified solar panel installers in Yate will do the necessary calculations to help establish whether or not the investment is worthwhile for you.

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2. Which technology is right for me?

The solar energy market is evolving fast, so technologies that were around a few years ago are now better than ever. From solar PV panels to new solar roofing tray systems, there is plenty of variety that can be customised for your needs. The best solar panel installers Yate can show you the options.

3. Will my roof take solar?

As a general rule, if your roof is over ten years old then you’ll need to replace it before you add solar technology on top. Qualified advice will help you to establish what’s needed. Often, solar panel installers in Yate can organise the roof replacement as well as the solar panel installation itself.

4. Can you save money with solar energy?

Yes, there are government incentive schemes and grants available that can help you save money when you invest in renewable energy for the home. The best starting point is the government website or local qualified solar installers who have full access to this information and who can apply to funding sources on your behalf.

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  1. Does solar energy protect the environment?

    Yes, it helps to protect the environment because, unlike fossil fuels, it provides energy through clean, renewable means. The beauty of domestic solar installations is that you also gain energy supply security so you know that you will always have ready energy. Because your power is generated at source, there is no waste from transmission. You can still use other means of energy during the winter months when your solar output is low.

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