Museums, art galleries and interesting places to visit with children when it’s cold and wet outside.

The rain could be pouring down the windows and the wind howling at the door, but your children are desperate to get outside and go somewhere other than the front room or their bedrooms. Wherever you live, there are museums, art galleries and lots of other interesting places that you could take them.  Many museums are now much more hands on and child friendly so that your youngsters can interact and touch exhibits as they explore the venue. Art galleries have modern sculptures made from all sorts of weird and wonderful materials, including, paper, wood, stone and even Copper Pipe, supplied from a company such as watkins and powis copper pipe.

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Your children will be enthralled and captivated by the models and paintings on display and as well as having fun they will be learning and engaging with one another. You could think about taking a local bus to a nearby indoor attraction or maybe going further afield in a coach or on a train?  With the sad passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the 2nd and our new King, Charles the Third now on the English Throne, maybe an extra special trip to London could be the answer to what to do on a cold, wet and windy day. You could go to Windsor Castle, rebuilt back in the twelfth century in stone, replacing the wooden fortress originally built by William the Conqueror.  Inside the Castle are priceless tapestries, paintings and ornaments that will keep your children gazing around in awe and wonder for hours.

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While in the capital city, why not take your youngsters to the Tower of London?  Children are both fascinated and intrigued by horror stories and tales of blood and gore, so what better place to go than the Tower?  The infamous White Tower where the bones of the ill-fated “Princes in the Tower” were unearthed.  The story behind the grisly find tells of the villainous Duke of Gloucester, later to become Richard the Third, who possibly had the young boys murdered!  Talk to your children about poor Ann Boleyn and Lady Jane Grey, who were both beheaded at the executioner’s block and remind them how difficult and tragic life was back in those times. Once your day is over and the children are safely tucked up in bed they will remember for a long time afterwards, the wet and windy day that you all went to London.

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