Spring Styles to Refresh Your Look

Long gone are the days of dark skies by 4 pm, and in are the days of brighter nights and even brighter wardrobes. From easy knits to interesting plays with colour, let’s take a look at different ways you can give your look a refresh this spring.

Get Knitty

There are plenty of knits to go around for all this spring. Whether you’re donning a men’s Irish fisherman sweater or a textured jacquard knit vest, it’s relatively safe to say that knits are the ‘in thread’ of the season. A crisp collar shirt can elevate any knitted look. And if you’re feeling bold, you could even go bare-chested with your knit vest as the days get warmer. Just add a subtle necklace for a touch of glamour, and you’re good to go.

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Be Shoe Specific

Choosing the right shoes this spring involves thinking about both style and practicality. Trainers are a versatile choice in contemporary fashion. Some fresh white trainers can easily dress down one’s workwear in time for after-work drinks with your mens Irish fisherman sweater. Opt for lightweight and breathable materials to keep your feet cool this spring.

Loafers are also a sophisticated choice to effortlessly transition from work to the weekend. Just pair them with some cropped trousers and your mens Irish fisherman sweater, and you’re ready to clock out for the weekend.

Play with Colour

And finally, don’t be afraid to express your individuality with pops of colour. Although neutrals are a safe and versatile option, adding some colour can inject personality and leave a memorable impression.

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Vibrant landscapes and blooming flowers are what spring is all about, and you too shouldn’t be scared to reinvent yourself and your wardrobe in these coming months. Embrace the unconventional this spring, and enjoy every second of it.

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