The Professional Ear Wax Removal Poole Specialists

The Coastal Town of Poole in Dorset is rapidly becoming well known for its professional Ear Wax Removal Specialists, such as  Providing bespoke Treatments for the safe and effective removal of excessive Ear Wax, they are a highly-skilled, dedicated team of consummate professionals who offer their grateful Clients three different Ear wax removal Poole procedures.  The cleanest, gentlest and most favoured treatment of the three is the Microsuction Method, which involves a long, thin tube being gently inserted into the Patient’s Ear before the offending Wax is carefully sucked out into a tried and tested machine.  For Clients with narrow Ear Canals or with previous hearing issues this is the recommended procedure.

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The other two methods of removing Ear Wax safely and gently are, Manual Extraction or the Irrigation Method.  Manual Extraction is carried out using a long, thin, specialised Instrument to gently dislodge any excess Wax from the patient’s ear, while the Irrigation Method uses warm water to flush out any wax gently and effectively.  All three of these procedures are only carried out after an in-depth consultation with one of their skilled Technicians. NEVER try to clean out your own ears with cotton buds or any other implement, as the old adage goes, “Never put anything smaller than your elbow into your ear!”

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Leave the complex world of Ears to the ultimate Poole Professionals, don’t risk your precious hearing by trying any of these procedures yourself!

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