The sweater for men that ladies have claimed

The Aran sweater is one of the most iconic pieces of clothing ever to come out of Ireland. It is woven into Celtic mythology as deeply as the stories of this ancient land. The Aran sweater is more of a modern fairytale having come to the Emerald Islands via the women knitters of Guernsey. These sweaters were knitted for the fishermen who bravely went out onto the rough Atlantic to catch the much-needed fish and shellfish for the islanders.

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Whilst this was knitted mainly for men, as the twentieth century rolled on, the sweater left the shores of Aran and was soon being noticed on the mainland. The warmth and classic design provided by the sweater soon began to appeal to women as well as to men. The womens aran sweater, like those from proved to be a big hit. They are clearly one of the first true unisex options that were to prove popular in the 1920’s,

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The style and weave of the women’s aran sweater allow it to be functional and also very flattering for women of all shapes and sizes. The sweater has plenty of famous fans. It had a real boost in its sales and exposure when Taylor Swift was photographed wearing one. Being a huge trendsetter, it was obvious that the fashionistas and Swifties (the name for Taylors’ global army of fans)  would soon follow suit.

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