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A cold room is an important and costly piece of equipment. A breakdown can lead to loss of stock and even an interruption to your business, not to mention the inconvenience. By undertaking regular maintenance on a planned schedule, you can minimise the disruption and the expense.

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The importance of keeping your cold room running

As you’re no doubt well aware, there are laws governing temperature control, including the storage of chilled goods. If your cold room breaks down or malfunctions, this could lead to lots of wasted stock. Other problems that could arise include higher electricity bills, if your cold room is running inefficiently. Regular maintenance can catch issues such as these before they become big problems.

Issues that could affect the performance of your cold room

Any planned maintenance schedule should first include a daily clean. Among other things, this will ensure no debris collects in the air vents. This can cause the motor to overheat and break down. It’s also a good opportunity to look for any visible problems, such as torn or leaking seals.

The tests of whether walk in cold rooms are working correctly are often sensory. For example, your cold room might feel warmer than it should, it might be making a strange noise or you might find spoiled food. However, there may be less obvious issues that could need addressing. In fact, your cold room could be running normally on the surface, but is in fact working harder to counteract a malfunction. This is why it’s important to have an engineer carry out regular maintenance checks to catch potentially serious issues, such as leaking gaskets or liquid refrigerant floodback.

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The frequency of your cold room maintenance checks will depend on several factors, including size and usage. However, it’s a good idea to schedule a visit in the period leading up to the summer months when your walk in cold room is going to be working even harder. If you buy your cold room from a reputable supplier such as, it should offer an option to arrange regular servicing from a qualified engineer.

When you decide to purchase a cold room, maintenance is a cost you should factor in to your budget. Keeping your cold room running efficiently could save you a lot of money and disruption in the longer term.a

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