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In the United States, bail money is used for a variety of reasons. At its most basic, it refers to money paid to a court system to allow a person charged with a crime to go free until the criminal case is completed. The criminal charge could be dropped or the person could be convicted and have to serve jail time, pay a fine or both. There are many reasons a person might decide to get the services of bail bonds West Chester PA. Some common reasons include the following scenarios:

  • Poor health
  • Job commitments
  • Family concerns
  • Innocence

It stands to reason that if possible a person won’t want to spend time in prison. A bail bond transaction can make that a reality.

The Role of Poor Health

A person charged with a crime who is in poor health will more than likely not want to spend time in jail. He or she might find it difficult to get the necessary medical services in a prison setting. This could include mental health issues as well. One report shows that prison time for people in poor health can result in a shortened life expectancy. A jail setting could exacerbate conditions such as diabetes, respiratory issues and other chronic conditions.

The Role of Job Commitments

Even spending a few days in prison could result in a person being fired from his or her job. This is a stiff penalty to pay for a criminal charge that could be dropped at a later date, Even just losing time on the job due to a jail stay is a serious matter. For this reason, a person could choose to seek bail to be able to go to work and complete projects. The ability to be free for a period of time is a valuable commodity.

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