How to create chatbots with Drupal

There are a variety of different ways to serve content digitally, including via social media, RSS feeds, email and mobile apps. Personal assistants and chatbots are some of the newest digital content servers in the game, and their conversational interfaces provide increasingly natural ways for audiences to interact with businesses without the need for companies to have a human on the other end providing direct communications.

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Providing Conversational Experiences

Chatbots should never be viewed as just another element there to complicate your website. Instead, they should be thought of as a new way for your audience to interact with your business and your content.

As this Forbes article details, chatbots have already revolutionised customer service, and they are particularly ideal for users who perhaps don’t have the time to search your website for an answer to their question but have a simple enough query that doesn’t require direct human interaction.

Take a moment to consider how frequently you receive emails or social media communications from users who are on your website but can’t work out how to complete a particular action. Chatbots can automate these types of enquiries, saving both time and avoidable frustrations. That is not all; they can also do much more.

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Chatbots have access to your data and content, so they can assist your audience beyond simply providing links to specific areas of your website. Text, video, images, and forms can all be embedded within chatbot conversations, enabling them to complete every action your audience could choose to do on your website through its conversational interface.

Designing Conversational Interfaces

Natural-language processing (NLP) utilises machine learning to understand user intent, the entities concerned, and how to manage the context of the query. NLP can be viewed as the brain behind conversational experiences, with chatbots representing the face.

Surfacing website content through conversational interfaces requires a layer of new code to sit between your website and your chatbot. A professional Drupal design agency, such as the one at, will ensure your website is chatbot-friendly without resorting to writing an entirely new piece of code for each conversational interface you choose to utilise.

The NLP will understand the query posed by the user, translating it into machine-friendly language that the chatbot will then use to perform the required logic to deliver a meaningful response.

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