Essential Uses for Industrial Valves

Industrial valves play an integral part in the functioning of a variety of industrial processes. These can be used in a variety of applications such as controlling the flow of fluids or gases, regulating magnetic fields, etc. They are generally made from either plastic or metal and can bear the weight of several tons respectively. In addition to their normal functions, these industrial valves also have other special uses such as in the refrigeration industry and as safety valves in various industries. For a range of Industrial Valves, visit Orseal

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One of the most important uses of these valves is in the refrigeration industry. This is because they are primarily used to regulate the flow of liquid, thus ensuring that a constant and controlled temperature is maintained in the process. For instance, when a chemical is being added into a large storage tank, its temperature should be controlled so that it does not explode. While the control for temperature is mainly needed for the stability of the liquid, these also help in controlling its viscosity, which is necessary for a smooth flow.

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Watertight seals are another use for industrial valves. For instance, if a factory is manufacturing plastic products, and leaks occur in the plant due to poor seal construction, the leakage can affect the entire production process and even affect the quality of the finished product. The importance of proper seal construction cannot be ignored in such cases. By using high-quality industrial valves, a company can ensure that its products are sealed properly and thereby reduce risks of leakage, which can significantly reduce costs and increase productivity.

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