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Many small business owners find having an accountant to be of great benefit. An accountant can handle functions such as general bookkeeping and tax returns in the early days of your business, becoming more involved as your business grows. Above all else, an accountant will provide you with reliable financial information on which to base key business decisions and save you money.

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Do I Need an Accountant?

If your business is small, you may question whether you need an accountant. If you would like your business to grow, the answer is likely to be yes. An accountant can take on many tasks such as bookkeeping, sourcing funding, financial compliance and tax efficiency which you may not have the expertise to complete yourself. An accountant will complete these tasks with accuracy and speed, which saves you time and money in the long run.

Choosing the Right Accountant for You

The best place to start looking for an accountant is online. The accountants Swindon has to offer will be easy to find. When it comes to accountants Swindon has some good options, but don’t be afraid to widen your search. If you see a website for an accountant that you think might be suitable, be sure to meet them in person before taking them on. You will work closely together, so it is important that you get along.

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If you are looking at Chippendale and Clark accountants Swindon, ask what services they can provide to ensure they can meet your business’s needs. Whilst your accountant does not need to have a qualification to act for you, it is a good idea to ask about their experience so that you feel comfortable they are competent. If they speak about qualifications, they should be able to show you proof of these, which you can check for authenticity with the awarding body.

You should also discuss fees at the first meeting. An accountant’s main role is to save you money, so ask them to explain how what they do will provide value. You may wish to compare the fees of more than one accountant to get a feel for whether quoted fees are appropriate. See if you can find reviews or testimonials as well. Often these will be on the accountants’ own websites or on independent review sites. Make sure to check them carefully.

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