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Explain your circumstances

If you have particular needs, such as requiring a quick sale due to an imminent baby or a job deadline, a good estate agent will understand your circumstances and tailor their activities accordingly. It pays to be upfront about your requirements.

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Make thorough enquiries

While you probably already know roughly how the estate agent operates, it is important to gauge what they can do for you as an individual with specific needs; for example, Which? suggests asking whether they will attend when viewers come to see your property. Find out how they will market your property, whether they have any ‘hot’ potential buyers registered, and find out how often you will be updated. Once a sale is agreed, it is important to have regular bulletins.

Fees and what to expect

What you pay depends on what services you are using and whether the firm is your ‘sole agent’. While you may pay extra for photography or advertising, fees are generally a percentage of the selling price. A good agent should make all fees clear at the beginning and it is important to avoid hidden costs. Determine whether you are getting a good deal based on the services provided, and don’t fall into the trap of thinking that cheapest is best.

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Crunch time – who to choose

After making initial assessments and researching what each agent will do for you, it is time to make a decision. You may be swayed by individuals you have met and make your choice based on the appeal of certain people. Movement in the industry is common; for example, Gloucester estate agents TGRES is Merging with Alex Clark Glos.

You need to decide how many agencies you want to appoint. Using just one ‘sole agent’ for an agreed period of time can get results. Your fee will be lower, and the agent will be able to focus on your sale with a concentrated effort.

Working hand in hand with your estate agent

Once you have made your decision, call the agent or agents and ask them to represent you. It pays to think of yourself as partners on the same team. You are working together to find a good buyer and get the best deal for your property.

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