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If you have a business with a brick-and-mortar store and are considering adding or using a flagpole out front to display the stars and stripes, there are some things you should keep in mind. Flying the American flag requires that you follow traditional protocols.


The American flag can be flown from dawn until dusk unless illuminated properly. Be prepared to raise the flag every morning at the start of your business day and bring the flag in before you leave. If necessary, enlist a company that will repair flag poles Tampa FL to make sure that yours is in good working order before attempting to raise the flag the first morning. If you wish to display the flag around the clock, make sure it is lit up after dark.


If you have an all-weather flag, you don’t need to bring it in during inclement weather. However, if it gets damaged, it should be taken down and given a proper retirement. Contact a local Boy or Girl Scout organization, as many conduct flag retirement bonfire ceremonies regularly.


If you only have one flagpole, you might be interested in also displaying other flags along with the American flag. This is perfectly acceptable as long as the American flag is at the top, followed by the state flag, city flag and finally your company flag.


To recognize a special day such as Independence Day, Memorial Day or in remembrance of the passing of a state or federal official, the flag may be flown at half-staff. However, the flag must first be hoisted to the top of the pole before being brought back down to the halfway point.

Flying an American flag is a sign of patriotism as well as a high-flying landmark for those trying to find your business. It is also a commitment to follow the traditional rules of flag etiquette. Make sure you’re willing to follow these rules before you put up the old stars and stripes.

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