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If you are a great horseback rider and want to share your love of these four-legged creatures with others, a career as a riding instructor could be perfect for you. If you know people in your community who are looking for a riding instructor, you can start building an audience for your new business venture. Here are three tips to help you be successful.

Make Safety a Priority

The safety of your horses and students should be your top priority. Teach students the proper way to act around horses so they don’t accidentally spook the animal they are riding. Start slowly with the lessons and make sure students have mastered one skill before moving on to another. It is also a good idea to invest in equine liability insurance.

Be Patient

Some students will take to riding naturally while others may have trouble mastering the basics. Be patient with all of your students and understand that they are learning. You may become bored going over the basics during every lesson, but it may be necessary to get your students confident enough to try something new.

Stay Mindful of Skill Levels

Just like people, horses have different personalities. If you’re teaching beginners, you want to use calm, steady mounts that are satisfied with mild to moderate stimulation. Spirited horses need more advanced riders. They may become bored easily during routine riding classes and might need more stimulation to keep from acting up. Be mindful of the temperaments of your horses and never pair them with riders who don’t have the appropriate skill level.

A job as a riding instructor allows you to share your love of horses with others. If you keep these three things in mind, you catch match riders to suitable horses and excel in your new career as a riding instructor.

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