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Is it possible to improve productivity while working from home? Studies over recent months now show that while working from home, productivity actually is much better than working at an office. It is thought that they are less distracted by office politics and chatting with colleagues and so tend to work through their daily tasks much quicker and more effectively.

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Productivity can be improved by improving your home setup, eliminating distractions, scheduling things better, and knowing what your priorities are. All of these can be accomplished with some careful planning, as well as the right tools. One of the best things you can invest in is Next Day delivery desks like the ones you can see fromĀ as sitting at a proper work desk can help you t oget in the mindset for the day, it can also help to separate out work life and home life which is essential when working from home as one of the negatives of this way of working is that the two can start to blend.

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Other home office ideas include eliminating distractions and being more organized. You may also want to consider having a noticeboard available above your desk that allows you to keep track of your workload and plan out each of your days effectively.


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