How to become a group leader by being yourself

You don’t know how to become a leader? But would you like to be a leader? First of all you have to ask yourself why you want to become one, being followed or taken as an example by a mass of undefined people is not easy, but they believe in your ideals and you have the same (or almost) opinions the road is certainly simpler.

To be leader of a group or at least your friends you must export without fear. You must expose your ideas, your thoughts, but above all you must have a positive attitude. Thanks to this article, you will find out what leadership qualities to take to make your friends or your group identify you as a real guide.

How to become a leader in four steps

1) Be positive and find solutions: A true leader always has a solution, or at least, when he doesn’t have one he makes others feel a sense of security, a real guide never discourages his supporters. Keep everything under control and face any problem as if it were a challenge to be won. “A winner always finds a way, a loser always finds an excuse” – Lao Tzu.

2) The more you know, the more expert you will be: Becoming a leader of a group means taking on responsibilities, among these imagine how many people will fill you with questions. You must always find yourself ready, obviously you will not be able to know everything but try to enrich yourself culturally and you will see how you will be able to amaze.

3) Communicate and involve your followers: To become leader of a group you have to work smarter not harder, even though you are their guide it does not mean that you are supreme, they too are human and have a way of reasoning. Make them feel important; ask them for opinions and feedback, you will see that they will reciprocate more than they should.

4) People do what they see doing: Has it ever happened to you to perform an action and those around you “copy” you? In reality, people do what they see. Therefore, to make sure you are followed by a group of people, take action and see the results.

As you have seen to become a leader, it is not necessary for you to become a general manager or director of a multinational company, just be yourself, be ready in every situation and gain trust from people. An absolutely essential factor to be admired is being humble.

Things to avoid if you want to become a leader

Don’t go mastering or showing yourself as the “I know everything”, you would do nothing but cause annoyance to those around you. By doing this you will turn, people away and you will certainly never build followers. Try not to be inconsistent with your thoughts; don’t be influenced by any economic or political proposals.

Remember that the group of people you manage will trust you, become attached, so don’t disappoint them in any way. Disappointment is a feeling that in the end will provoke anger, so much that you can be hated and lose credibility.


We are all sellers do you know? We sell ourselves every day; put our faces in everything we do. That’s why you can’t afford to lose credibility but above all trust. Read the above points well and try to open your mind and change your attitude to become a real life guide.

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