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Where and how to invest in the stock market? [complete guide for beginners]

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How to invest in the stock market and get high profits? For all aspiring traders, the stock exchange is a sort of dream: investing in the stock market can in fact guarantee very high profits to all investors. This complete guide to explains in detail how to invest in the stock market without risk, without paying commissions and above all with a good level of profit. The Exchange is not just for experts: even beginners can get exceptional results. The starting point for successfully investing in the stock market is to understand some fundamental principles.

Did you realize how many times people talk about playing at home? No, definitely the stock exchange is not a game and investing in the stock market is a serious business, to be conducted with the right tools. We are not saying that operating on shares in the stock market is difficult, even with derivative instruments everything becomes easier and affordable for everyone. We are only saying that we must do it with seriousness, determination and a bit of study.

The most important factor to gain on the stock market is the investment platform: there are several, some exceptional, others much less.

We suggest online platform to operate on the stock exchange securely, with an online support always at your disposal for every need. It is the ideal solution for all those who want to operate on the stock exchange.

What does it mean to invest in the stock market?

Investing in the stock market

Definition: Get a profit from fluctuations in stock prices
Recommended tools: Contracts for difference, binary options
Platform requirements for investing in the Stock Exchange: Authorization, zero commissions
Best platforms to invest in the Stock Exchange: Up to You

The table above summarizes what it means to invest in the stock exchange and what are the best ways to make a profit with the stock market. In particular, it contains a relevant definition of investment on the stock exchange and the main features of the best investment platforms.

How to Invest in the Stock Exchange

Investing in the stock market is possible through the CFD online trading platforms, which allow many peoples to invest online every day. CFDs are a perfect financial tool for investing in stock exchanges, as they are easy to use and understand and make it possible to obtain profit whatever the direction of the market. This is a really fundamental point that is often overlooked by beginners.

For many beginners, investing in the stock market means earning when the stock simply goes up. It is a very serious mistake. Real investors, those who make millions of dollars playing on the stock exchange, always earn. In fact this is the trick of these people: the markets in fact go up and go down, you cannot do anything.

If you think you can earn only when the markets are positive, not only will you not be able to earn much of the time but you could also lose a lot of money.

How CFDs work? Their operation is really simple: a CFD is a financial instrument that has a stock listed as an underlying asset. The CFD does not have its own value: its value is always that of the underlying. The CFD on the Amazon action, for example, always has the same value as the Amazon action.

The investor can buy the CFD on an action or he can sell it in the open. If I buy the CFD on Amazon shares and Amazon shares rise in price, then you make money. If you think that Amazon shares will lose value on the markets, then you have to sell short the relevant CFD.

Short selling is a particular financial transaction that allows you to obtain high profits when a financial security loses its value. To sell short the CFD on Amazon you do not have to have bought it before (this is why we are talking about short selling and not just selling).

The CFD trading is a simple, safe and reliable way to invest in all financial markets. With CFD trading you always earn, both when the asset you are investing grows, and when it comes down. The profits you get when investing with CFDs are proportional to the price change. Among other things, when working with CFDs it is possible to use leverage and thus multiply profits.

Investing in the stock market with CFDs step by step

To invest in the stock market you need to follow some simple steps …

  • Open an investment account on a CFD platform;
  • Carefully evaluate the securities based on your money management and risk / return ratio;
  • Create your own portfolio of securities;
  • Wait for the market trend.

Is it easy to invest in the stock market?

Investing in the stock market was not easy anytime ago, but with the arrival of the internet and artificial intelligence, things have literally overturned in the last 10 years. The main advantages of the platform are to copy the best traders currently present on the platform, thus going to generate a totally passive return.

Investing in the stock market is therefore extremely easy, if done with regulated trading platforms and with the technology necessary to automate and make online trading sustainable.

Invest in online stock

Investing in the stock market originally meant buying shares in listed companies. It is clear that this type of investment was to be understood only in the very long term because when the value of the shares falls, if one has bought loses and there is no way to recover.

Everything has changed with the birth of derivative instruments, which are then those that we negotiate online: in this case it is sufficient to determine which direction the stock price will take (will it increase or decrease?).

In general, if we can make good predictions, whatever the market trend, we can earn. This was the reason for the success of online trading, as well as the possibility of operating directly from your PC.

Until a few years ago, investing in the stock market was difficult, cumbersome, it was necessary to go by force to the banks with all the immense increase in costs that pass for the banks always involves.

Since it is possible to invest in the online exchange everything has changed: the best platforms for online trading on the stock exchange are completely free, safe and reliable. Even banks have thrown themselves into the online trading business on the stock exchange, but independent trading platforms are so many and so convenient that there is no reason to pay very high commissions on the performance of these banks.

How to start investing in the stock market

For those who have never done so, starting to invest in the stock market might seem difficult, but it is not. To start, it is advisable to forget both the stock exchange and a game (who says that he plays on the stock exchange usually loses money on the stock exchange, other than playing) or that the stock exchange is difficult.

The Exchange can be easy if you deal with it with a good preparation. There are many guides, absolutely independent, that explain by thread and sign how do you invest in the stock market. The fundamental starting point, perhaps even more important, is to choose a high quality trading platform, but above all convenient.

Never start investing, for example, with a platform that charges fees. If someone talks about commissions on the execution, spit in his face, even if unfortunately you can only do it virtually.

The commissions on the execution of the platforms to invest in the stock exchange are a real theft, also taking into account that all trading platforms that allow you to invest in the stock market and do not apply any type of commissions. If you want to trade and earn money, you do not have to pay commissions. Point. For those starting to invest in the stock market, it may be interesting to subscribe to the free signal program.

Invest in a stock exchange from home

Those who have tried investing in the stock market 20 years ago may be amazed at how easy it is today to invest in a stock exchange from home. At the time we went to the Bank physically, we talked to other investors or the employee who collected the orders and collected losses on losses. We would say, from the park to oxen. Now just sit in front of the computer, choose the online trading platform and you can operate comfortably and safely.

Of course, the trader can still choose the platform managed by a bank (or referable to a bank) and continue to make life as a park. Or you can choose a trading platform for binary options or a trading contract for differences and earn.

We are talking about investing in the stock exchange from home but in fact the last 2 years have seen another revolution, that of mobile technologies. Now you can trade on the stock market directly from a tablet or smartphone connected to the internet, so practically from anywhere.

Is this good? We honestly do not know, but we obviously prefer to always trade from home. To gain in the stock market it takes a very high level of concentration. And I’m not sure that going around with an eye on the phone (or tablet) can really be concentrated. However, it is a personal factor: if you feel you can concentrate even while away from home, work from mobile and tablet, but always remember that you are risking your money, because investing in the stock always means risk. Nothing is safe on the financial markets.

Precisely because there is a certain risk, you must always use the best platforms to invest in the stock market: the advice is to do it with platforms guarantee security and absolute reliability, as well as very convenient operating conditions.

Investing in stocks

To really understand how the investment in the stock market works, let’s start with a very simple concept: what is the stock market.

The Exchange is a regulated market where it is possible to exchange Shares. Investing in Shares means buying a large or small portion of a company in the equity markets. This gives the right to receive dividends (i.e. a share of the profits produced) and, in most cases, also to participate in the company’s meetings.

Investing in shares involves two types of earnings, the receipt of dividends and the increase in the value of equity securities. But what if the stock price falls? Simple, you lose money, even a lot. And what can an investor expect to collapse? At most it could sell the stock, but probably all the other investors will have the same thought. So the price of the stock will fall even more and it will probably be very difficult to find someone willing to buy.

The investor may have to accept the loss even if he had foreseen everything, remaining with the title on the rump. Of course if he is a millionaire with a very, very big investment horizon, not bad. But what if he is a small investor who had focused his few savings on shares? It’s the disaster. This is why it is always convenient to use derivative instruments (forex, cryptocurrency and CFD) to invest in the stock market rather than investing directly in shares.

Investing in the stock market: A guide

A good guide to investing in the stock market must first of all explain how to invest in the stock market. An aspiring trader wonders how to invest in the stock market, not on what title to bet.

What then, the advice is to never trust those who tell you to bet on this or that title. Just check the ex post forecasts to understand that usually this type of forecasts are correct in 50% of cases. In short, you can also do it yourself, pull up a coin and decide based on the result.

Joking aside, do not trust anyone. What to look for from a stock investment guide is above all a basis: theory and practice. Then you will have to follow the markets and choose the titles based on your instinct and information you have. And of course you must learn to observe the graphs: a good guide to investing in the stock market should be focused precisely on this, indeed, especially on this. If you want to operate on the stock exchange you must be prepared.

Where to invest in the stock market?

It is always important to remember that to win in all market conditions it is essential to choose the platforms to invest in the stock market. Never rely on platforms connected to banks, always choose independent trading platforms and especially trading platforms for derivatives, such as binary options and CFDs. Nobody can guarantee profits on the financial markets, we know this, but the best possible guarantee is always that provided by trading platforms for binary options and CFDs.

Playing in the market for pretend

One of the best ways to learn how to invest in the stock market is to use the demo that all the best platforms provide for free. What is a demo? The demo mode is a way to invest virtual money on the markets: the platform is the same, the quotes are real, and the only thing that changes is the fact that you cannot earn or lose real money.

All the best platforms to play on the stock exchange offer the possibility to start in demo (or to use the demo whenever you want).

In practice, in this way it is possible to play on the stock market for pretend, to understand how stock markets work and to get the best possible confidence with the platform.

Starting to play on the stock market for pretend can be one of the best strategies for a beginner: the best platforms offer the opportunity to play the game for free pretend, without any kind of cost or commitment. These demos are also absolutely unlimited, so you can use them for as long as you need to really learn how to invest in the stock market.

All those who start to study the stock market (for example with an ebook or a guide) should spend a lot of time trying out all the concepts and techniques learned in demo mode.

The demo does not do miracles, it’s clear: however, it can begin to provide the necessary experience that will be precious to you when you start putting real money.

Be careful though: playing fake stock will not convert you into a big investor from one spin to another. In fact, when you invest in pretend, you risk nothing and therefore there is not even psychological tension.

Things change slightly when you start using real money: the techniques and strategies to be applied are the same. In this case, however, the psychological factor is very important: you may be afraid of losing your money or you may be driven by greed.

Fear and greed can have bad effects on your investments if you do not learn to control: unfortunately this is an aspect of finance that you do not know, it is thought that earning money with the financial markets is just a matter of skill, technical knowledge. It is not so.

Big investors millionaires are not the best, the smartest or those who know strange secret strategies (they do not exist): the investors who earn the most are those who can control emotions.

It’s not a skill you can learn with a demo, the demo is just a realistic game. Those who really want to make a lot of money by investing in the stock market must work in demo at the beginning, to consolidate their skills, and then move on to operate with real money. At the beginning with the minimum deposit, obviously, it is not necessary to invest a large amount of capital.

It’s a gradual process: you have to start studying and working in a demo, when you are sure you can start working with real money but with very little money. Only when you have become good will you be able to think about starting to do things seriously and put more money. Some of those who start to invest in the stock market, in any case, do not make a second deposit: they simply manage to earn a lot from the beginning and then reinvest the profits obtained.

When it costs to invest in the stock market?

Most people think that the Exchange is an immense opportunity to make money without difficulty, but to start with it requires very high capital.

But how much does it really cost to invest in the stock market? If we were to interpret the question to the letter we should answer that investing in the stock exchange costs zero, there are absolutely no costs, fixed or variable, or commissions.

If the actual costs are zero, what is the capital to invest initially? You do not need a lot of capital to start investing in the stock market.

This capital cannot be considered as a cost because it is money that always remains the property of the investor: you can withdraw it whenever you wants without any problem. Accounts opened on an authorized and regulated investment platform are identical to current accounts: money can be obtained immediately, with a simple request, and is always protected by legislation.

The idea that to invest in the stock market you have to be rich is totally wrong and could make you lose big earning opportunities.

The risks of investing in the stock market

Is the capital entrusted to an investment platform on the stock market to be considered at risk? You do not risk anything when you make the deposit. The risk exists only and only when you commit a part of this money (never use all the capital in a single operation) to make a transaction on the market (buy or sell).

Only these small parts of capital can be considered risky. In any case, with the best platforms, the risk of the stock exchange can be further limited thanks to the setting of a stop loss. With the stop loss you indicate to the platform which is the maximum level of loss that can be accepted on the single operation.

By setting the stop losses and diversifying the risks (i.e. not investing all the capital on a single transaction) it is possible to intelligently control the risk of losing money with the Exchange.

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