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Maximizing Cost Efficiency With Filter Press Rental Vs. Purchase

Small filter presses can be an affordable dewatering solution for many applications. These include mine and aggregate tailings, mineral concentrates, and most underflow slurries from Thickeners. Fully automatic systems eliminate the need for human interaction during operation. Safety features are built-in and incorporated into the machine’s programming. Cloth wash, plate shift, discharge, and opening/closing are all automated.


Sometimes, dewatering equipment is needed only for a temporary project. When installing a filter press for this short-term application, it can be very cost-efficient to install the machine and then have your supplier pick up the equipment for the rest of the year rather than purchasing a complete system and paying for it when you don’t need it. Rentals are a great solution if your current dewatering equipment goes down or you need to increase your wastewater capacity temporarily. In this scenario, a rental filter press can prevent any production halt or loss of revenue while the permanent system is being repaired or refurbished.

In addition, filter press rental allows you to test different treatment chemistries and process conditions without committing to a full-scale purchase. Depending on your supplier, plumbing costs may or may not be included in your rental cost.

Less Upfront Capital Investment

Purchasing filter press equipment requires a substantial upfront capital investment. Renting a filter press is affordable for smaller operations that cannot afford to invest in the entire dewatering solution. Renting also provides the flexibility to test different treatment chemistries, belts, and cycle parameters without taking your entire system offline for testing. It saves you the cost of building and maintaining a separate unit for your research projects.

Additionally, filter presses can create a closed-loop process that recycles clean water into your plant for reuse. It eliminates the need for tailings or settling ponds, which saves land reserves and helps protect valuable natural resources from pollution. A pond takes up large amounts of real estate and loses its ability to produce clean water over time. Most applications use a filter press or other dewatering equipment over a pond for these reasons.

Less Maintenance Costs

A filter press uses a much simpler filtration system than a screw press. It means that fewer moving parts need to be repaired or replaced. The resulting operation also consumes less energy than a screw press. Filter presses can create a drip-free cake from many different types of material, including mining and aggregate tailings, mineral concentrates, and underflow slurries from a thickener process. In addition, a filter press can help create a closed-loop process, eliminating the need for a settling or tailings pond, saving on regulatory permits, and reducing labor costs to manage and maintain the pond. Engineering and technical experts can assist with testing and sizing a specific application and provide expert maintenance services.

Seasonal Applications

A filter press can create a closed-loop process for dewatering slurries, returning wash water to the system, and eliminating the need for settling or tailings ponds. It can reduce regulatory permitting costs and free up valuable land for other applications. Whether you need a filter press for one-time or seasonal dewatering requirements, renting your equipment is an efficient option. Additionally, many rental programs offer a portion of your rental fee to be applied toward the purchase price should you decide to buy your equipment later. 

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