Why do you need different domain names and web addresses?

You need to spend time researching your website name to make sure that it is memorable, unique and relevant to your business; be prepared to purchase more than one name and watch your marketing campaign reap the benefit.

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Isn’t one domain enough?

Most new website owners tend to purchase one single domain name; however, they leave themselves open to competitors stealing their prospective customers. If you can afford to, it is well worth buying several domains to protect your brand from canny imposters.

Consider the domain extension ‘.com’, which is widely recognised and respected. You may choose to purchase a .com domain name; however, if your business is based in the UK, purchasing the ‘.co.uk‘ domain name at the same time ensures that visitors will never be confused by two separate sites with apparently similar names. Some UK customers will actively seek out sites with the ‘.co.uk’ extension as proof that the site is UK based; therefore, holding both domain extensions could serve to reassure customers that you are based in this country.

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Location, misspellings and keywords

Locally-based businesses can reap the benefits of including their location in a domain name. This covers further bases, attracting a greater number of visitors with the motivation to buy your goods or services. You could also incorporate important keywords that feature as part of your business in a domain name, which allows you to cast your net even wider. Misspelt words are another area in which you can reap the benefits.

Do not be afraid to ask the experts for advice when deciding on domain names. You can source a good web development company anywhere in the UK, only too willing to explain how to use domain names to your advantage and talk you through the process.

On the other hand, there is no need to blow the budget on a vast array of domain names. As a Forbes article points out, it is impossible to cover all bases when there are so many domain names available.

Your web design team will point the various URLs to your main site; therefore, only one website is required. This should quickly attract high-value potential customers keen to spend their money on your goods and services.  If you do need to contact an IT Support Cheltenham company for help then head over to options like reformit.co.uk who will be happy to give you advice on these services.

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