New report shows construction sector is bigger than thought

A new report from the Chartered Institute of Building, The Real Face of Construction 2020, claims that the real economic impact of the UK’s construction industry’s contribution to the economic output is more than double that recorded by the Office of National Statistics.

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Report findings

The findings of the report say that the narrow definition of the construction industry does not include all those involved with the construction industry, including architects, planners, engineers, quantity surveyors, manufacturers and others involved such as builder’s merchants and those offering plant hire services. The CIOB is calling for all those involved in the design and construction process and not just those involved on site.

The role played by the broader sector

There’s a huge contribution being made to the construction industry by those involved in the broader sector and it’s important that this is not overlooked. A huge data transformation is taking place in the construction industry as it embraces exciting new technology, including the use of augmented and virtual reality, automation and robots and BIM technology, offering many new opportunities for teams involved in software and data analysis to become involved in project management exercises of construction projects.

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The use of Bimtech combined with virtual and augmented reality is helping teams work together on construction projects, improving efficiency and safety as real time data is fed back to construction management software. The use of automation and robots and the implementation of IOT (Internet of Things) sensors used in on site cameras, smart devices and wearable construction technology means teams involved at the planning stage are pushing forward advances in construction. The contribution to the economy from all those involved in developing and implementing the technological advances means that the real face of construction is much more complex than has been reported. These teams are changing the way buildings are designed and constructed and the advances in technology means that progress is surging ahead as the industry tries to keep up with the developments taking place in this fast moving field.

The effect of a thriving construction industry impacts on the whole of society as efficiencies and processes improve. With such advances taking place, we can see better schools, hospitals, homes and workplaces emerging and general productivity will be improved, giving us an improved infrastructure to benefit society.

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