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The place where you work hugely effects how you work and how much you are able to focus and be productive. It’s not so much about Feng Shui but more about the best layout to get results.

According to research conducted at work about productivity, the most important factor in determining the ability of employees to focus is their physical environment. In fact, it is said that a well-thought out office design can improve productivity by 20%. However, apart from research and statistics, almost half of the entrepreneurs interviewed did not consider workplace design a good business investment.


Lighting is a hugely important element for remaining focused and inspired to create, yet it’s one of the least thought about elements in design and often poorly invested in. Poor lighting can cause fatigue, eye fatigue, headaches, and overall irritability. Dark space can actually produce depression. You may not have control of your general lighting so bring it yourself, if necessary. Consider using a natural light bulb or light therapy device. If you’re designing an office, get professional advice about how to create lots of natural light. For Interior Fit Out Companies London, visit

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Your mother wasn’t wrong, it’s important to clean your room. Clutter can help creative minds create, but that doesn’t always help to focus and productivity. Even though you cannot control office cleanliness in general, you can maintain the immediate area around you clean. Take just ten minutes every day to make sure everything is removed, submitted, regulated, and generally stored away so you are not bothered by it.

Room Colour

The colours around us all have an effect on the mood and function of our brain. This evokes a physical and emotional response. So, choosing the right colour for your workspace has the ability to influence your productivity. For example, blue is said to prohibit productivity.

Room temperature

Most offices maintain temperatures around 18 to 21 degrees Celsius but apparently this isn’t quite as beneficial to productivity as people previously thought. Warmth in a room actually make people more productive. Most offices are arranged by someone else, so bring a heater, sweaters and blankets to your workspace if people keep cranking up the air con.

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Noise level

The noise level in the work environment can vary greatly depending on the size of the team where you work, office design, and company culture. But make no mistake, the noise around you affects your ability to keep on doing tasks. Not only is it annoying, it can also increase stress levels making your ability to maintain productivity much more difficult.

Bring noisy cancelling headphones and use music services like Spotify to choose music that helps you concentrate or use white noise to block out annoying noise. Find out if your office offers a quiet workspace for times when you need maximum focus.

Air quality

Air quality has a dramatic effect on our ability to concentrate and think clearly. Poor quality air and filtration leads to billions in losses for companies due to lost time over staff sickness. Talk to your company about installing an air filter. If there is a way to bring fresh air through a window or door, arrange for the door to open for at least most of the day. If nothing else, get a personal air filter to put on your desk or nearby.

Also, get plants (or better yet, have the company buy and use more plants in the office!). Plants are very good at filtering air and providing clean and pure oxygen.

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