The role of fashion in movie review shows

In yesterday’s episode of weekly film reviews featured on everybody’s screens, a number of blockbuster hits were reviewed. The show has been very successful, and ratings have been steadily increasing every week. Many viewers share their opinions on social media about the movies reviewed and whether they feel they have been rated correctly. Movies covered in the show range many genres including but not limited to Sci-fi, thrillers, action, romantic comedies, and horror. The range of movies is what makes the review show popular with a range of different viewers. The future plans for the network include expansion into newspaper columns and online blogs in order to maximise reach and build brand awareness and recognition.

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A fashion editor is also invited onto the show to make comments about the choice of clothing made in all the movies and how they add to character development and setting. This week’s heroic lead was an investment banker who was a fan of a staple wardrobe. Mens designer jeans were used in the scenes where he dressed casually in order to meet his friends at a barbeque and at the cinema. The stylist has revealed that the clothing for the movie was sourced from a number of different well-known boutiques and fashion retailers including EJ Menswear. This revelation on the review show created a surge in sales on the website for a whole week.

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