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Rubber has been a medical device technician’s best friend for decades. It is used in everything from sutures and bandages to dental crowns and in plastic surgery. The main component in rubber is formic acid, which is derived from the rubber tree. This component, when injected into the body creates a hard, pliant substance that can be used for all kinds of medical purposes including sutures, dressings, and even artificial joints. What’s more is that this substance is non-toxic making it safe for use in most medical environments.

The Importance of Rubber in the Medical Field

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Rubber is so versatile that it is used not only in hospitals but it is also found in many prosthetic limbs. This means that prosthetic limbs are a major industry. There are many types of limbs available such as those that allow the wearer to walk and those that allow the wearer to run. No matter what function the prosthetic is serving, it can be guaranteed that rubber is one of its components. For more details on Rubber Mouldings for your industry, contact Meadex

Even in non-medical fields, rubber is used heavily. For example, a thick material must be used on the inside of a shoe or boot to provide adequate support. Without rubber, a shoe or boot would simply not be functional.

surgical rubber products

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In hospitals, you’ll find rubber found in tubing, whether that’s for blood transfusions or providing fluids. Even the stoppers for injections are made using rubber, as are the components to manufacture needles!


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