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To determine whether your SEO campaign is working, you have to first establish what your aims are. In other words, are you looking to drive a considerable amount of traffic through your website or are you not as bothered about the amount of traffic compared to the quality of traffic? Once you decide what your ultimate aim is, you can then see if your latest SEO campaign is working.

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Before launching your SEO campaign, it’s imperative you actually understand what SEO means and how it can help you.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO campaigns are essential to successfully raise awareness to your website and achieve an exponential flow of traffic. Containing a mixture of keywords, marketing, design and backlinks, SEO ultimately makes your website attractive to your intended audience. As soon as you set your website up and upload your first post, the search engines will come along and rank your website. Sounds straightforward right? Not necessarily.

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Campaign Strategy

Whether you are handling your campaign yourself or employing professional SEO services such as to do so on your behalf, you will need a well thought out campaign. You don’t necessarily have to invest money at the beginning of your campaign – this is something you could look into later on. But what you definitely will have to invest in is time – an awful lot of it!

Is it Working?

The best indicator of whether your SEO campaign is working or not comes in the form of revenue. Are you experiencing a drive in sales and revenue that you previously hadn’t seen? The conversion of visitors to your site into hard sales is something that everyone is looking to do, so measuring the new sales and revenue should be used to work out your entire ROI (return on investment).

Monetising a Website

If you don’t have a product to sell and you build a website to promote yourself, this can also turn into profit. To convert traffic into revenue, you can implement pay per click (PPC), cost per impression (CPI / CPM) advertising or consider any of the other ways to achieve this.

How Long Will it Take?

Don’t have expectations that this is something that will happen overnight. If you are proactive and regularly refresh your content, you will start to reap the rewards!

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