How smart technology can save energy

Most of us look for ways to save energy, whether at home or work. As well as positively impacting on the planet, lowering energy usage can help to save on your bills. In recent times, smart technology has become popular, thanks to its great functionality and convenience, but also its ability to help save energy.

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Use less heating

Smart technology is enjoying growing appeal for being able to control how much heating you use, thus helping you to save energy. With just the touch of your smartphone, you can control the temperature of heating in different rooms, even remotely.

According to House Beautiful, smart thermostats are designed to highlight energy wastage around the house and are proven money savers.

The beauty of using smart technology to control your heating is that you never need to waste energy if you aren’t at home. Even having the option to select different temperatures for individual rooms, or turning temperatures down a little, using smart devices can have a big impact on your energy usage.

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More efficient lighting

One of the ways that smart technology has really caught the attention of consumers is through controlling lighting. By pressing a button on your phone or smart system, you can control which lights come on or off in different rooms to suit your requirements. Smart technology also lets you reduce light levels if you use dimmer switches.

When you choose a home automation company such as you can still enjoy stylish lighting in your dwelling, but being in control of how you use it, even remotely, ensures you don’t waste any energy. This can make a difference to your bills, especially if you also switch to using LED lighting, which is more energy efficient than halogen bulbs.

Occupancy sensors that illuminate seldom-used areas when in use, such as a garage or bathroom, and turn off when not in use, are also useful energy savers.


Smart technology can be used to control the functions of many other appliances you use around the home or work, including entertainment systems, computers or electrical appliances. By turning appliances on or off at the touch of a button, from wherever you may be, you can make sure these are only used when necessary. This saving of energy means good news next time your bills are due.

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