strategies to increase sales

10 strategies to increase sales of your small business institution

Many let the daily operation, custom or lack of vision prevent us from examining the small details that can improve our point of sale. Follow the strategies to increase sales. There are many possibilities to improve your business with a minimal budget. It only requires observation, creativity and sense to improve the way your clients perceive you or feel when visiting your business.

How do you measure true growth in small companies? Is it just because of the sales growth? Could it be that if sales do not grow, does not the company grow? What if the company’s profits are growing? And if the positioning of the company is now greater than a year ago, even if sales do not grow? The growth of SALES does not always come with more profits.

10 Strategies to increase sales

Get strategies to increase sales of very low budget that can inspire you to make your establishment a more attractive and of course, lucrative.

Give importance to customer

Take care of the details: cleaning, odors, maintenance, order, and accessibility. Set aside comfortable areas for the transit of your clients and offer them the experience you want to live in your business. It will attract customers to buy the product from your shop.

Signage and messages

It is very necessary to invest in good external signage, a good advertisement that attracts attention immediately. It accompanied by posters, displays or blackboards, as the case may be. So that, it is accessible to the prospect to know you better. Also, know what you offer and how they can acquire your services/products.

Read messages which distributed by your local customers. In which you highlight your details, your offers, star products or your brand personality. Give everyone an emotional touch.

strategies to increase sales

Create plan

Creativity at the time of selling is important, but if it is accompanied with the strategy it will give better results. So, think of more ways to increase the average sales of each client:

Create cross sales guides for your sellers. Arrange packages of services or products to cross your sales and increase them. No matter your business, as in McDonald’s you can offer complementary products for each purchase. Offer products that others have purchased. If you know your customers well, when they ask or are paying, they say that people who bought the same thing and who also bought X items. Organize packages or product kits per season, fixed or by promotions.

Strategic alliances

Learning to work in a team between SMEs is one of the best marketing strategies and the ones that are least seen out there. Look at your neighbors and check how your business and yours can create more promotion, advertising, and sales. Some may have the same type of customer as your business, even if they sell different things. Recommend each other, share wallet and marketing budgets.

Take advantage of the internet

It is time for you to understand that no matter how small or simple your business is, you must be on the Internet, and be well. That means having a website oriented to your customers, with valuable information that generates confidence, in which you have evidence of your quality and results.

Add location on Google map

Being a local business your address and location are essential. So, you must sign up in Google Maps and Foursquare at least. Link your location to your Facebook, Blog and other platforms.


This factor as simple as it seems is one of the most powerful in any type of location. Think about your client and the experience you want to take, some tips:

  • Keep your main access open to make it comfortable and easy to enter your business.
  • The greeting is indispensable, that is part of your habits.
  • Respect your entry and exit times. No signs of returning in 5 minutes!

Let your products touch; there is nothing more repellent than watching ads Do not Touch! It is better to keep protected with display cabinets or dressers what you consider dangerous to put these signs.

Product visibility

Take care of the way you distribute and place your products, that look attractive, not a mess, here are some tips:

  • The counter in order ALWAYS.
  • Place impulse products in the box, those that are easy to desire and acquire.
  • Always locate an area within the warehouse with low prices.
  • Locate the box in the middle of your store.

Judge the market environment

Not only do you have to take care of what you see, but also what you feel when they enter your business.

  • Aromatize your store according to your type of business.
  • That is not too bright. The ideal is the yellow light, warmer.
  • The attitude and stance of your front desk staff are important to make the client feel good and even to decide whether to enter or not.
  • If your business deserves it, also think about music and tastings.
  • Cleaning and organization cannot miss.

Surprise offer

Fire your customers with a surprise gift, remember that you can forget what you said or even saw in your business, but not what you made them feel.

If your sales are NOT growing and your fixed costs are high, in a few months you will be in trouble. At some point you will be unable to pay suppliers’ invoices on time, then you will have difficulties to collect enough money to pay the return. After that, other difficulties will arise such as the delay in the payment of taxes and debts with banks.

One day you will be working more and earning less. That is not the idea. What is the solution? Increase sales in lines with the 10 strategies to increase sales that generate more profits seek opportunities for more sales with new strategies, with new approaches, with greater effort on the part of workers and greater dedication to the customer. Improve quality on the one hand and service for the other.

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