The things that businesses can recycle

A great business recycling service is available at The Printwaste company has a wide variety of items they recycle, all listed on their website. These items include batteries, cardboard, cartons, coffee cups, fluorescent light tubes, glass, hazardous waste, metals, paper, plastics, packaging, polystyrene, and wood.  Printwaste also provides their clients with a one-off furniture clearance service. This is usually conducted when a company is moving premises or is having a clear out of old furniture, possibly due to damage or renovation and redecoration plans. The contact details are clearly presented with a phone number at the top of the webpage. This makes them seem very accessible and allows possible clients to quickly make enquiries.

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The company also provides an efficient and cost-effective confidential shredding service. They have a lot of experience shredding confidential paperwork for 1000’s of businesses including governmental, health, financial, legal and educational organisations. The shredding service does not just contain the destruction of confidential paperwork. Hard-drive and media destruction is also included. This is very important for companies who electronically store a lot of confidential information. Printwaste is also offering their clients with a branded product destruction. This service is perfect for fashion brands who want to destroy clothing samples without possible theft occurring.

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