Three Ways to Design your Office to Make it a Productive and Positive Place to Be

The way that an office is designed and laid out is not something that should be an afterthought – putting a lot of thought into the layout of an office is something that can have benefits for the productivity, the atmosphere of the office and to the employees who work there. When you take on a new office it is natural just to want to get all of the furniture in and get work started, but before you do this it is always good to plan the office out and work out what works best where. Here are a few things to consider when planning the layout of your office…

Let the Light In

This is important, and it is somethings that affects everyone – it is no coincidence that people report feeling low in energy and in mood during the winter months, when the light levels are at their lowest. If you want a happy and productive workforce, getting as much light as possible into the office is key. Of course, not all buildings will have a lot of natural light and the direction that the office is facing could also make a difference.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can introduce light into even the darkest and gloomiest space – using daylight LED bulbs and putting in plenty of lighting of this sort will make the office feel lighter and brighter. Also, you can do things to let as much light through as possible, such as using glass partitions rather than ones that are opaque.

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Think About the Furniture

The furniture that you choose to put in the office is a huge factor in how well your office will perform. It is worth investing in good quality furniture like this Gloucester office furniture from Severn Furnishing for example. The chairs will be in use all day every day, so you want them to be comfortable and supportive. It is also important that all furniture in the office is functional and suited for the right purpose so before you go shopping for new office furniture think about what requirements you have as well as the size and shape of the office that you will be moving into. Get feedback and ideas from the people who work in the office too, as they will often be able to spot problems that you may not have considered.

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Have a Breakout Space

To make an office environment positive and productive, employees need a space to go that is separate from where they are working. Create a space where employees are able to take breaks, relax and enjoy their meals away from the desk – this is also more hygienic and can create a better team working atmosphere when there are designated separate areas for working and for eating lunches.

You can also design this space differently to encourage taking time out, as well as providing a place for practical uses such as facilities for making tea and coffee and for storing food for lunch.

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