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Tips For Finding a Great Financial Advisor

The COVID-19 pandemic has put our country, indeed the whole globe, on an up-and-down ride of uncertain financial footing. In times like this, we are all worried about not only our health but also our personal financial situation. It’s precisely at times such as these that you may need a little help with personal finance. Perhaps you are looking for certified financial planners Daytona Beach FL.

What To Look For in a Financial Advisor

When looking for a financial advisor, you quickly see that there are numerous ones to choose from. Which ones are the goods ones and who should be avoided? Here are several criteria that you’ll want to consider when narrowing down your search:

Remember, the integrity of any financial advisor is your ultimate safeguard.

Red Flags To Keep in Mind

As in every business, there are less-than-stellar operators that you don’t want to work with. Look for the following to keep yourself clear from the bad apples:

  • The person you are evaluating is not certified in any financial field
  • They charge excessively high fees
  • They confiscate a significant portion of your principal each year, regardless of how well they help your investments perform
  • They recommend risky investments with which you are unfamiliar
  • Their references do not check out
  • They haven’t been in business for over at least a few years

Make sure you evaluate several different financial professionals before you make your final choice. Remember, the integrity of any financial advisor is your ultimate safeguard. Keep these criteria in mind and you’ll no doubt find an advisor with whom you can work well.

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