Tips for Surviving a Divorce With Kids

When you are on good terms with your ex-spouse, you greatly reduce the stress and anxiety levels your children undergo. Although it’s tough to go through a divorce, you can work with a family attorney Tampa to establish routines and positive communication.

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It’s crucial to demonstrate a sense of camaraderie with the other parent, regardless of the reason behind the divorce. Always speak about your spouse in a dignified, respectful manner. You should be honest with your kids but do so without dragging your spouse’s name through the mud. Speak to your spouse beforehand about the way you’ll present the details of the divorce and try to have the conversation together. Don’t stray from your simple explanation, as going overboard could lead to criticism.


You’ll likely receive a barrage of questions from your kids when you announce your divorce. Many of these will center on the fear that they are to blame. As your kids’ emotions yo-yo and they start to recall the ways their behavior could have contributed to the split, constantly remind them of the reason behind the divorce. By focusing on you and the other parent, you’ll reassure them that the onus is not on them to take any responsibility.


From the time your children were infants, you probably developed routines to help them feel secure. This strategy is also relevant during and after a divorce. Because everything seems to be changing, help them anticipate as much as they can. Even if the exact times are different, keep general routines consistent between homes. Bedtimes, homework and rules should be the same for both parents.

Children can develop a strong bond with you and your ex as long as you practice compassion and reassurance. You have control over how well your kids navigate this difficult season and you can set them up for success.

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