D.R. Horton Home Warranty Request Issues

D.R. Horton Home Warranty Request Issues Resolved

Buying a new home is an exciting experience. But once the thrill of moving in wears off, homeowners may start to notice some issues with their brand-new abode. D.R. Horton is one of the largest homebuilders in the country, constructing thousands of homes each year. And like any builder, problems can sometimes arise. Understanding your D.R. Horton warranty request and how to request repairs is key to getting problems fixed quickly and efficiently.

An Overview of D.R. Horton Home Warranties

D.R. Horton includes a one-year limited warranty on all their new homes. This covers defects in workmanship and materials. They also provide a two-year limited warranty that covers systems like plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning. In addition, some states may have implied warranties that provide further coverage.

It’s important for buyers to thoroughly read through the D.R. Horton warranty booklet provided at closing. This outlines exactly what is and is not covered under the warranty, along with all the procedures for submitting a request. Homeowners need to understand these terms in order to get warranty issues resolved.

Common Warranty Repairs Needed in New D.R. Horton Homes

While D.R. Horton homes are built to high standards, some problems can still occur occasionally. Typical warranty requests may involve:

  • Flooring – Warped, cracked or separated floor boards or tiles. Issues with carpet seams or stains.
  • Plumbing – Leaky pipes, clogged drains or fixtures, low water pressure. Noisy pipes or water hammer.
  • Electrical – Outlets, switches or fixtures not working properly. Tripped breakers or blown fuses.
  • HVAC – Issues with heating or cooling, faulty thermostat, leaky ductwork. Noisy blower fan or condenser.
  • Roofing – Leaks, damaged or missing shingles, cracked flashing. Gutters pulling away from the house.
  • Drywall – Popped nails, cracked corners or joints, uneven joints. Nail pops or blisters in the texture.
  • Paint and Finish – Peeling paint, finish flaws, missing paint touch ups. Poor coverage or splatters/drips.
  • Windows and Doors – Drafts, improper functioning, broken glass, damage to screens. Warped or sticking doors.
  • Foundation and Framing – Cracks in foundation or walls. Squeaky floors or stairs. Uneven surfaces.
  • Other – Damage during construction. Poor caulking/weatherproofing. Landscaping and drainage issues.

Having an understanding of the common defects in new construction can help homeowners identify problems that require a warranty request.

Submitting a D.R. Horton Home Warranty Request

D.R. Horton Home Warranty Request

When an issue arises in a D.R. Horton home that may be covered under warranty, prompt action is required. Here are the steps for submitting a warranty request:

  1. Document the issue – Take photos and make notes detailing the problem. Note when it first started and any worsening over time. Keep records of all observations.
  2. Check warranty coverage – Refer to the warranty booklet to confirm the issue is covered under the warranty. Make note of any relevant exclusions or limitations.
  3. Contact your warranty administrator – D.R. Horton contracts with third party administrators to handle warranty requests. Check paperwork for the specific provider and contact info.
  4. Initiate a service request – Call, email or use the provider’s web portal to initiate a service request. Provide details about the issue and relevant warranty info.
  5. Schedule an inspection – The administrator will arrange for an inspection of the issue. Be prepared to provide access to the home if repairs are needed.
  6. Make repairs – If deemed a warranty issue, repairs or replacements will be made per the warranty terms. Ensure work is completed properly.
  7. Follow up if needed – Contact the administrator if any concerns arise from the inspection or repair process. Keep notes as a record.

The sooner warranty requests are submitted, the better. Delaying can void coverage or lead to further damage.

The D.R. Horton Warranty Process and Timeline

Submitting the request is just the first step in resolving warranty issues. Homeowners also need to understand how the process works and typical timeframes.

  • Initial inspection is usually conducted within 2-3 weeks after a request is submitted.
  • Minor repairs may be completed at the time of inspection. Larger issues require planning and materials.
  • Warranty work is performed by contractors scheduled by the administrator or D.R. Horton. Homeowners cannot contract repairs independently.
  • Repairs or replacements for valid warranty issues are performed at no cost to the homeowner.
  • Work is usually completed within 30-60 days after inspection, depending on contractor scheduling.
  • Administrators keep homeowners updated on timeframes and work plans as the process moves forward.
  • Follow-up inspections may be required after repairs to ensure proper completion.

Knowing what to expect can help homeowners plan around the warranty process. However, complex issues can understandably take more time to address.

Tips for Streamlining Your D.R. Horton Warranty Request

Navigating the warranty process for the first time can seem daunting. Here are some tips for D.R. Horton homeowners to help expedite repairs:

  • Stay organized – Keep detailed records of all warranty issues, communications and repairs. This provides helpful documentation if any disputes arise.
  • Take photos – Clear pictures showing warranty defects provide solid evidence of the problem and need for repair.
  • Be detailed – Fully describe the issue and history in your request. Estimate dates, frequencies, locations and any factors making it worse.
  • Check in – Follow up if you haven’t heard back regarding inspection scheduling. Communication breakdowns can delay the process.
  • Be flexible – Repairs take coordination and inspectors’ schedules fill up quickly. Offer a range of available dates and times.
  • Ask questions – Don’t hesitate to request clarification from your administrator on what to expect at each step.
  • Say thank you – Expressing gratitude for good service from inspectors and repair technicians is always appreciated.

With a proactive approach and clear communication, homeowners can develop a smooth workflow with administrators to resolve warranty issues.

Working With the Warranty Administrator

The administrator assigned to oversee the D.R. Horton warranty plays a crucial role. Here are some tips for developing a positive working relationship:

  • Learn their name – Ask who your specific point person is for direct communication continuity. Check in with them regularly.
  • Be courteous – Administrators handle many warranty requests daily. Kindness and patience on your end will be reciprocated.
  • Meet in person – Having inspectors come inside to view issues firsthand can clarify details a phone call may miss.
  • Double check repairs – Don’t just assume work is complete – verify repairs were done properly before signing off.
  • Provide feedback – Share if a technician does exceptional work. This helps the administrator know their reliable contractors.
  • Inquire about coverage – If there’s uncertainty around warranty coverage, discuss with the administrator for clarification before disputes occur.
  • Stay on top of scheduling – Admins juggle many repairs across multiple homes. Reach out if appointments are missed or delayed.

By building rapport with their designated rep, homeowners can facilitate better communication and collaboration when warranty issues arise.

Appeals Process for Denied D.R. Horton Warranty Claims

D.R. Horton Warranty Claims

Despite best efforts, some warranty claims may end up being denied by D.R. Horton or the administrator. Reasons may include:

  • Issue deemed caused by homeowner negligence or improper maintenance
  • Problem arose outside the warranty coverage period
  • Damage resulted from an excluded condition like normal wear and tear
  • Repairs were attempted without authorization

If a homeowner feels a denial was unwarranted, D.R. Horton does provide an appeals process. Steps include:

  • Review the denial rationale – Make sure you understand the exact reasons for the denial and have supporting documents.
  • Contact your administrator – Discuss the denial and determine if additional info may reverse the decision.
  • Send a written appeal letter – Outline your reasoning for why the issue should be covered under warranty. Provide all relevant documentation.
  • Allow time for review – Administrators forward appeals to D.R. Horton management for consideration. This can take 30 days or more.
  • Cooperate with any follow-up – D.R. Horton may request a re-inspection before making a final determination.
  • Get the final decision in writing – This important documentation can provide next steps if further disputes arise.

With a professional and diligent appeal process, some denied claims can get overturned and resolved under warranty.

Working With D.R. Horton to Resolve Lingering Issues

Despite best efforts, some warranty issues may continue to be problematic even after repairs. Persistent flaws or new damage arising shortly after can be incredibly frustrating for homeowners. Here are some tips if you continue battling unresolved issues:

  • Request follow-up repairs – If the same issue repeats soon after repair, promptly report it and re-start the warranty process.
  • Ask for a supervisor’s input – Elevate to management if you feel inspectors or contractors are dismissive of persistent problems.
  • Escalate to D.R. Horton – For lingering complex issues, you can request direct contact with the builder instead of the administrator.
  • Look into mediation – Some states offer low-cost mediation programs to find solutions disputes between homebuilders and owners.
  • Consult an attorney – If all else fails, legal counsel can advise you on any grounds for pursuing litigation against the builder.

With patience and diligence, even the most troublesome lingering warranty issues can ultimately get resolved. Never hesitate to utilize all resources available. The squeaky wheel does eventually get the grease!

Is An Extended Home Warranty Worth it With D.R. Horton?

D.R. Horton’s one and two-year base warranties provide coverage for upfront defects and issues. But once they expire, repair costs fall to the homeowner. Some opt to purchase extended home warranty plans to transfer these risks. When debating this addition, here are some key considerations:

Pros of Extended Home Warranties:

  • Covers repairs and replacements for home systems and appliances after base warranties lapse
  • Provides protection against unexpected breakdowns and high repair bills
  • Offers predictability with lower deductibles vs. paying full cost of repairs
  • No limitation on number of claims made during coverage period
  • Covers some items like appliances that D.R. Horton may exclude

Cons of Extended Home Warranties:

  • Added monthly or annual expense for the policy premium
  • Items and issues may still be excluded from coverage
  • Repairs are done by contractor networks, limiting who you can use
  • Claims and process management done by third parties, not builder
  • Strict dollar limits exist on coverage amounts per issue

With lower risk tolerance, extended home warranties can provide greater peace of mind. But they come at an added cost. Assess your needs and exposures when deciding if worthwhile.

Key Takeaways on D.R. Horton Warranty Requests

D.R. Horton Warranty Requests

  • Understand your D.R. Horton home’s warranty coverage and processes upfront before issues arise.
  • Document problems thoroughly and submit requests promptly to avoid lapses in coverage periods.
  • Have reasonable expectations for timeframes – repairs take coordination and won’t happen overnight.
  • Cultivate strong relationships with your warranty administrator for optimal communication and responsiveness.
  • Persist with following warranty protocols and escalation methods for complicated lingering issues.
  • Consider extended protection with home warranty policies if wanting to avoid high repair bills down the road.

Owning a home always comes with some headaches. But arming yourself with information on how to effectively utilize D.R. Horton’s warranty program can smooth the path to getting those inevitable issues properly resolved.


Purchasing a brand-new D.R. Horton constructed home is an exhilarating experience. But soon reality sets in as the floors creak, the paint peels, and the A/C sputters. Having issues pop up is inevitable, but handling them properly is empowering. Learn your warranty rights, communicate promptly and clearly with your provider, and remain organized throughout the process. With patience and diligence, you can get those warranted defects smoothly remedied so you can get back to just enjoying your new home. D.R. Horton stands behind their build quality, so take advantage of that coverage when needed. Stay calm, carry on, and let the warranty process work for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use my own contractor for D.R. Horton warranty repairs?

A: No, you must use a contractor authorized by D.R. Horton and scheduled through the warranty administrator in order for repair costs to be covered under warranty. Unauthorized repairs done independently may void coverage.

Q: How long does D.R. Horton’s limited warranty last on a new home?

A: D.R. Horton provides a one-year limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. They also offer a two-year limited warranty on mechanical systems in the home. Refer to state law and policy docs for exact terms.

Q: What should I do if a warranty inspector misses an issue during their visit?

A: Contact your administrator immediately upon noticing any problems the inspector failed to document. Let them know a return visit is needed for proper assessment and warranty consideration.

Q: Are issues like cracks in walls or squeaky floors covered under D.R. Horton’s warranty?

A: It depends on the circumstances. Minor settling issues are usually as normal. Significant structural defects would typically warrant repairs under the warranty provided timely reporting and proper home maintenance.

Q: Can I request compensation for having to stay in a hotel during warranty repairs?

A: The D.R. Horton warranty does not include provisions for covering homeowners’ hotel costs or other expenses related to repair inconvenience or delays. Any such requests usually end up denied.

Q: What should I do if repairs damage other elements like floors or landscaping?

A: Promptly report any damage caused directly by warranty repair work to the administrator. The contractors are responsible for properly restoring all impacted areas per warranty standards.

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