innovative marketing ideas

8 innovative marketing ideas to grow your business online

Today, traditional marketing strategies are not enough to grow your business. In parallel with your current marketing and sales actions, innovative marketing ideas can help you recruit your customers and increase your turnover.

Here are 8 innovative marketing ideas that will allow you to get your business off the web

Put yourself in Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is most powerful innovative marketing ideas aimed at bringing the customer to his or her online communication or sales support rather than picking him up via other outbound marketing techniques. The goal is to attract the attention of prospects and to make them. Make the decision to create a relationship with your company. This results in the production of quality content (articles, white papers, studies, reports, tutorials …) via its website, sharing on social media, optimizing its SEO and analysis of its traffic web and its notoriety. We also speak to earned customers or acquired customers, unlike paid customers or customers bought by advertising, paid search, etc.

innovative marketing ideas

It involves knowing your targets in order to produce the content they are looking for and waiting for, to identify and reward potential members of your community as potential ambassadors, to track their traffic and statistics to correct or optimize the actions put in place.

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Integrate storytelling

The term “storytelling” refers to a method used in communication and based on a structure of speech that can be related to that of children’s stories. The idea is to sensitize your audience by using another form of a language. Another than the commercial or marketing language to highlight the company’s men and women, values, ideas, products or services. In other words, to tell a story. a fictional or real story that can engage your community and build brand awareness through social sharing.

At first sight, storytelling can seem simple. But the main goal of storytelling is to reach its consumers, its target audience, by creating emotion.

It is therefore important to study your strategy and especially to define your target. The most important thing is to know to whom you should address your story to know which tone to adopt, which language to use. If the humor and the parodies cardboard in the form of a video for many brands (Oasis, Coca-Cola …), certain products or services may not be appropriate.

To succeed in your storytelling, your story must always be based on the values ​​of the brand, so as to keep the authenticity of the brand.

Introduce re-marketing in your customer relationship

Remarketing is about interacting with people who have visited your website or used your mobile app. For example, when a user leaves your website without making a purchase. Remarketing is the action of getting back in touch with them by presenting relevant content for the purpose of obtaining a conversion. This technique is therefore based on a well-defined audience that has at least taken a step towards the brand but has not yet been fully convinced.

A good example of application: the automatic email. This can help improve sales after an abandoned shopping cart by asking the reasons for the abandonment, better understand the expectations of a visitor after registration with a few questions, to relaunch users who have not logged in for a long time with a reminder email and some news …

Create a thematic video channel

The video is the most viral and most viewed type of content on the web. Youtube is a full-fledged search engine with 4 billion videos viewed each day. Viral videos can reach millions of people and do not require hardware or professional editing. And therefore simply be the result of innovative marketing ideas and a minimal budget.

innovative marketing ideas

In your targets, a large majority is certainly sensitive to this format of communication. And to propose this type of content makes it possible to develop its community. And also touching new categories of targets. The optimization of videos is essential for your channel to be effective. Title, keywords, description are working to improve the SEO and commitment of people who watch videos.

The innovative marketing ideas may be to stage your employees to develop your brand employer and reach new profiles through a different digital communication. It can be to make videos with your customers, tutorials, studies, sectoral mini-reports … It’s all about doing this job regularly!

Put your products on the stage, encourage your community to do the same

The best-known example is the viral video series Will it blend? This manufacturer of blinder has completely revived his business by filming all kinds of objects in his mixer to prove the effectiveness and resistance of its blenders. The mark is from a box. Without going that far, showing your products or services in a different location than your business and in another context, can be a good way to increase your visibility.

This staging can be in the form of video on Youtube, but also on Instagram in the photo, on Vine, on Pinterest. The supports are numerous and allow to be very creative in the image of Bonobo On Instagram.

Make co-branding

Cobranding is an innovative marketing ideas and commercial strategy designed to jointly promote the brands and products/services of two different companies. Co-branding can have several objectives: to increase the basic price of the product or service. To expand a range or to create a new one, to reach a new target or a new market.

innovative marketing ideas


  • For example, a company may sponsor an influential blog in its industry. And thus share the visibility of the blog while providing the media with publications and studies produced by the company.
  • A recruitment company can associate its services with a training company and offer “ready-to-use” packages.
  • A cookware site could partner with a site offering spices. And offer products from the range of each of their respective sites.

Reach your prospects more effectively by offering mobile communication media

There is no doubt that the main trend in terms of web browsing is associated with mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets take precedence over computers for surfing the web. The good news is that these mobile phone users can be targeted both demographically and geographically through geolocation and their user profiles. By having mobile communication supports, you will quickly reach a younger generation. And a technophile target that you can know better and better. The application of this strategy can be translated into a responsive site.  100% mobile site, an application for your recruitment …

Encourage and reward employees who invest in the company’s social strategy

Reward employees who invest in the brand awareness through their professional and personal social networks: photos on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. Tweets about a product, a vent, a news. Sharing site publications on LinkedIn, Viadeo, Facebook, Twitter … recommendation of a job advertisement.

innovative marketing ideas

All these shares contribute to the development of the referencing of the site. And the brand and also participate in the positive notoriety of a company. A sharing and a recommendation of an employee is the sign that it is good to work in this company …

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