Four Signs that your House Might be Haunted

With Halloween just around the corner, you might be thinking of all things spooky to get you in the mood. If you are wondering whether your house is haunted, here are some of the signs that may be a sign that you are not alone there…

If the House is Old – Older houses have a lot more history, and therefore are more likely to be haunted. If you live in a Victorian house or an old, thatched cottage it is much more likely to be haunted than a new build for example.

See if you can do some research into the history of your house to find out more about it.

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Animals Acting Strangely – Animals are renowned for picking up on things that humans cannot see, and if you have pets that are acting a little bit oddly, then this could be because you have a ghostly resident. Cats and dogs may stare at one spot for example or refuse to enter a certain room or part of the house.

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Electrical Disturbances – Electrical problems are often reported in haunted houses, and things like flickering lights and appliances turning themselves on are commonplace. Of course when this happens in your home it is also worth getting a professional like this electrician Gloucester based company to check your wiring for you.

Cold Spots in a Room – If you walk into a room and find that a certain spot is cold and there is no draught, this is another common sign that you may have a haunting on your hands.

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