Should you have your boiler serviced in the summer?

You may not think much about your boiler during the summer months when your attention is focused on how to keep cool. This approach comes with risks. When you do finally start your boiler up again it may falter, just when you need it most. Preventative maintenance can be one of the most effective ways to keep your boiler working.

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Boiler servicing

The general recommendation for boilers Cheltenham is to have them serviced at least once a year. Most manufacturers have this as a condition of warranty. It keeps your boiler safe, efficient, and cost-effective, with less risk of sudden breakage or a need for emergency repairs.

There are a few reasons why you may prefer to service in the summer. These include the reduced demand compared to winter, which leads to more available engineers and cheaper prices.

It is also more convenient for you whilst you are less reliant on your boiler. In addition, a summer service allows you to correct any issues from the previous winter before the weather chills again.

Just ensure you use a Gas Safe registered engineer, from a reputable firm such as

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Summer mode

Servicing your boiler is not the only way to improve its summer efficiency. You can also switch it from winter to summer mode. If your boiler does not have this function, look for a hot-water-only mode, or turn up the thermostat. This allows water heating without central heating.

Test your central heating a couple of times over the summer, so you know it is still working. Older boilers with a pilot light can be turned off completely, as can modern boilers if you have a separate water heater/electric shower/dishwasher. You may also want to update older boilers with more modern, efficient controls.

It makes a lot of sense to have your boiler serviced in summer when you are less reliant on its performance, rather than in winter when you may not be able to afford it being switched off, even temporarily. Plan ahead to keep your boiler running safely and efficiently.

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